How the Judge got fired: Judge Napolitano “What if…”

Judge NAPOLITANO who had a regular show on FoxNews “FREEDOM WATCH” got fired a week ago by Rupert Murdoch, it seems that what the Judge was defending (Liberty and Freedom of Speech) was not in the line of FoxNetwork: OBEY!

But see for yourself, one of Judge’s last rant against BIG Government and Tyranny.

Judge Napolitano “What if…” (

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7 comments on “How the Judge got fired: Judge Napolitano “What if…”

  1. What if Napolitano is another of a growing list of people with a voice who choose to speak the truth only to be silenced.
    What if the list continues to grow as well as the crowds listening to that voice. How far will the power elite go to silence the leading voices of an openly, and growing discontent.
    The only voices that will be left will be those of favorable status. But rest assured that those silenced voices will be heard, and exponentially louder as a result. The truth refuses to be muzzled, You can only delay the inevitable.

  2. The choice between this government and its “toadies” in the media (which apparently includes Rupert Murdoch) and Judge Napolitano is a million miles (conservatively speaking) BENEATH a “no brainer” choice. FOX ie. Rupert Murdoch, has made a very stupid and “Soros-ian” tilted mistake. This move by Murdoch is ample cause for a jaundiced eye view of FOX in the future. Just a final question: Murdoch: Exactly how much did Soros (‘Media Matters’ perhaps??) and his people pay you to do this??

  3. For forty years “The Estalishment” has mantraed is marxist doctrine in Congress, Universities, and newspapers. ENOUGH. Freedom never has been silenced and
    never will. Wake up America. Stop legalized criminals, RELECT No ONE.

  4. What if… Reading “Gulag Archipelago” by Stoyelskin (SP, I’m sure! Not good with Russian, have enough trouble with ENGLISH!!!). I’ve read “Hitler & Stalin” and Churchhill’s volumes. There are so many parallels that are being swept away & moving faster,quicker than even the ’30′s. Some parts, of course, will be different just because of demographics & personalities, but our Friends Judge Napolitano & Mr. Beck are sounding an alarm that we better heed. It’s far more important to be a bit paranoid/cautious & head something like this off than to wait & be washed into a tyranny that shouldn’t have been.

  5. this is but one more example of an American who is mad as hell and isn’t going to take this any more. every day there are more of us and less of them. The people in D.C. better listen the American people are beginning to stand up when they are up they will eventually begin to move and they will not be denied. that sound you hear in the distance isn’t the wind thru the trees is Americans beginning to awaken to what is happening in D.C.

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