Iraqi Birth Defects Worse than Hiroshima

The United States may be finished dropping bombs on Iraq, but Iraqi bodies will be dealing with the consequences for generations to come in the form of birth defects, mysterious illnesses and skyrocketing cancer rates.

Al Jazeera’s Dahr Jamail reports that contamination from U.S. weapons, particularly Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions, has led to an Iraqi health crisis of epic proportions. “[C]hildren being born with two heads, children born with only one eye, multiple tumours, disfiguring facial and body deformities, and complex nervous system problems,” are just some of the congenital birth defects being linked to military-related pollution.
In certain Iraqi cities, the health consequences are significantly worse than those seen in the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Japan at the end of WWII.
The highest rates are in the city of Fallujah, which underwent two massive US bombing campaigns in 2004. Though the U.S. initially denied it, officials later admitted using white phosphorous. In addition, U.S. and British forces unleashed an estimated 2,000 tons of depleted uranium ammunitions in populated Iraqi cities in 2003.

DU, a chemically toxic heavy metal produced in nuclear waste, is used in weapons due to its ability to pierce through armor. That’s why the US and UK were among a handful of nations (France and Israel) who in December refused to sign an international agreement to limit its use, insisting DU is not harmful, science be damned. Meanwhile, the Pentagon’s refusal to release details about where DU munitions were fired has made it difficult to clean up.
Today, 14.7 percent of Fallujah’s babies are born with a birth defect, 14 times the documented rate in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Fallujah’s babies have also experienced heart defects 13 times the European rate and nervous system defects 33 times that of Europe. That comes on top of a 12-fold rise in childhood cancer rates since 2004. Furthermore, the male-to-female birth ratio is now 86 boys for every 100 girls, indicating genetic damage that affects males more than females.
(On a side note, these pictures are rather sanitized compared to other even more difficult to look at images. See here if you can bear it.)

If Fallujah is the Iraqi Hiroshima, then Basra is its Nagasaki.
According to a study published in the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, a professional journal based in the southwestern German city of Heidelberg, there was a sevenfold increase in the number of birth defects in Basra between 1994 and 2003.
According to the Heidelberg study, the concentration of lead in the milk teeth of sick children from Basra was almost three times as high as comparable values in areas where there was no fighting.
In addition, never before has such a high rate of neural tube defects (“open back”) been recorded in babies as in Basra, and the rate continues to rise. According to the study, the number of hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”) cases among new-borns is six times as high in Basra as it is in the United States.
This isn’t isolated to Fallujah and Basra. The overall Iraqi cancer rate has also skyrocketed:
Official Iraqi government statistics show that, prior to the outbreak of the First Gulf War in 1991, the rate of cancer cases in Iraq was 40 out of 100,000 people. By 1995, it had increased to 800 out of 100,000 people, and, by 2005, it had doubled to at least 1,600 out of 100,000 people. Current estimates show the increasing trend continuing.
As Grist’s Susie Cagle points out, “That’s potentially a more than 4,000 percent increase in the cancer rate, making it more than 500 percent higher than the cancer rate in the U.S.
Dr. Mozghan Savabieasfahani, an environmental toxicologist based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, told Jamail that “These observations collectively suggest an extraordinary public health emergency in Iraq. Such a crisis requires urgent multifaceted international action to prevent further damage to public health.”
Instead, the international community, including the nation most responsible for the health crisis (hint: it starts with a “U” and ends with an “S”), is mostly ignoring the problem.
To make matters worse, Iraq’s healthcare system, which was once the envy of the region, is virtually nonexistent due to the mass exodus of Iraq’s medical doctors since 2003. According to recent estimates, there are currently fewer than 100 psychiatrists and 20,0000 physicians serving a population of 31 million Iraqis.
Dahr Jamail was on Democracy Now this morning discussing the horrific effects of military-related pollution in Iraq:

Meshaal: Hamas May Be Open to Negotiations, despite…

Khaled Meshal, the traitor

Head of Palestinian Hamas political bureau Khaled Meshal said that the movement will be open in principle to negotiations with the Zionist entity, even though the facts on the ground today make such talk pointless, western media quoted Meshaal as saying on Tuesday.

Speaking to the American Foreign Policy news magazine, Meshaal said the most important condition for negotiation to succeed is the balance of power, because without [it]… no peace can be achieved, arguing that an attempt to engage the Zionists diplomatically without proper leverage meant negotiations “would be turned to begging, begging for the rights of our people.”

While considering the armed resistance as an essential element, Meshaal confirmed it is a means and does not represent the goal, adding that the popular resistance has other options through diplomacy, media and charging the enemy in the legal arena to pay for his crimes.

During the interview that conducted after electing him for the political bureau of Hamas, Meshaal expressed support for peaceful means adopted by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, noting that the blame for the failure to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute does not lie with the Palestinians.

“Israel is the one responsible. Israel occupies the lands … they are practicing the worst kind of killing,” he said. Continue reading

Mechaal est prêt à discuter avec Israël

Khaled Mechaal, le traitre

Le chef du bureau politique du Hamas Khaled Mechaal a déclaré que « les différends avec le mouvement Fatah au sujet des moyens disponibles pour lutter contre Israël s’amoindrissent de plus en plus ».

Selon lui, « la résistance armée est une partie intégrante des principes du mouvement », se disant  être en faveur des moyens pacifiques adoptés par le président palestinien Mahmoud Abbas.

Mechaal est allé plus loin en affirmant que « le Hamas sera ouvert en principe aux négociations avec Israël bien que les réalités sur le terrain rendent ces pourparlers inefficaces ».

Source: Al Manar

[EXCLUSIF] Syrie (Incroyable mais vrai): Israël et le…Hamas combattent le Gouvernement syrien

J’essaie de me pincer pour ne pas croire à cette information. Je refuse même de croire à celle-ci mais, c’est prouvée, irréfragable, vérifiée et donc réelle et authentique. Depuis que le Qatar a réussi à retourner le Hamas contre le seul pays arabe qui le protégeait à savoir la Syrie, rien d’étonnant. Khaled Mechaal coule désormais des jours heureux à Doha, au Qatar, en jouant au ping-pong, tout en acceptant la fin de la Palestine instituée par le Qatar, allié d’Israël.

Lors du passage de l’émir du Qatar à Gaza, aussi bizarre que ça puisse paraître, Israël n’avait pas réagi. Les prémices d’un accord ? Mahmoud Abbas avait raison de douter de la sincérité de ce voyage. Les Etats-Unis n’avaient pas fait de commentaire. L’émir avait apporté de l’argent et…recruté des mercenaires pour la Syrie. Un fait assez étonnant cette coalition Israël-Hamas pour détruire la Syrie mais, plus rien de surprenant dans ce bas monde…

Venons en au fait. Lors d’un ratissage de l’armée arabe syrienne dans les domaines de Arjun et Daba, à Homs, elle est tombée sur des  soldats du Hamas qui combattaient auprès des terroristes qui sévissent en Syrie. Spécialistes en guérilla, y compris la mise en œuvre d’embuscades antichars, de constructions de tunnels et fortifications qu’ils ont expérimenté pour lutter contre Tsahal, lutte abandonnée pour combattre Bachar al-Assad, on comprend enfin beaucoup de choses.

Les guerriers du Hamas capturés étaient en possession d’un matériel de communication très sophistiqué. Finalement, la Syrie a nourri un serpent qui est prêt, aujourd’hui, à le mordre, parce les pétro-dollars du Qatar sont passés par là… Mammon est-il plus fort que tout, même la rectitude morale ? Triste monde !

Source: Allain Jules

Le Hamas disperse un rassemblement pro-syrien à Gaza

La police du Hamas a dispersé mardi, à Khanyounis, ville du sud de Gaza, des Palestiniens qui se sont rassemblés pour protester contre les récentes attaques israéliennes contre la Syrie.

La manifestation, non autorisée, a été organisée par le Front populaire pour la libération de la Palestine (FPLP). Selon des témoins, plusieurs manifestants ont été battus et quatre journalistes arrêtés par la police du Hamas.

Les manifestants, brandissant des drapeaux palestiniens et syriens, ont scandé des slogans rejetant “toute agression israélienne contre toute capitale arabe”.

Le Hamas a maintenu sa direction suprême à Damas pendant plusieurs années, avant de la déménger vers Doha au Qatar, à cause du conflit syrien, qui a éclaté en 2011.

Source: Maghreb émergent

Zionists design myth of Jewish genome to usurp Palestine


On Decemever 14, 2012, Dr. Eran Elhaik turned almost two generations of Jewish genome research upside down. But he went even further. The young Israeli-Ameican geneticist has charged former researchers with academic fraud, and he has the research to back it up.

How could those those eminent Jewish scientist before him have been so wrong? Easy says Dr. Elhaik, “First these researchers decided what conclusions they wanted to find, and then they set off to find evidence to support it.” I was not bashing Jewish scientists. What Elhaik has described is a slam dunk fraud.

But why? Why would Jews who take such pride in the academic achievement risk exposing themselves to a group deception which was bound to be discovered later? Dr. Elhaik does not delve into the quicksand of the politics, but I will gladly do so.

They perpetrated the fraud solely to support the bogus biblical claim to Palestine which was anchored in their being a separate people. This distinguished them from all others because they claimed a land title in their blood. They bet the farm on this DNA proof of purchase, a God given bar coded passport to the Palestine. Dr. Ehaik just erased the bar code. It was just stamped on anyway, because it was never in the blood.

Why, why did they do it? The second half of the answer not revealed in his research was that you had a bunch of atheist, communist Jews shoot their way into taking over the Land with the sole moral cover that ‘God gave it us only’.

Before I had a bookcase of Judacia in my library I must say I was a bit suspicious of these atheist Jews whipping out God’s dual land title and passport. It was propaganda of course. It always was. And the story for another day is why did an entire academic community who should have known better, cower down and debase themselves in their own community by allowing the fraud to not only be birthed, but continued?

Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteen Tribe was a major influence in cracking the fraud. It was published in the day when Zionist propagandist were very savvy in not attacking an esteemed Jewish author. They had no fear from the academic community, already neutralized, and Kostler’s book did not generate a moral tipping point challenge to the Zionist false claim on the Land.  Continue reading

Nasrallah: Iran Supports Palestine with No Expectation

“Iran has helped Palestine’s resistance (groups) for 30 years without any condition and has not expected even a simple appreciation. All what Iran wants is seeing Palestine retake its land and nothing more,” Nasrallah said on Sunday.

He further added that Lebanon stands by Iran in the Palestinian issue. “Therefore, we say that we stand beside you and move behind you for the sake of Palestine.”

Elsewhere, Nasrallah rejected allegations on disputes between Iran and the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, and said that there were some analyses that Hamas has preferred Arab countries, but not Iran, “but based on experiences we know that these are all hopes and wishes and are not real”.

“To all those who talked during the Gaza War about Hamas’ relations with Hezbollah and Iran, our relations with everyone are normal,” Middle-East Online quoted Nasrallah as saying.

“Iran did not interfere with the Palestinian resistance and its structure and decisions, it only offered support. It was only doing its duty for Gaza,” he said, adding, “Day after day, it is confirmed that Iran is an ally of Arabs and Muslims… and this was confirmed during the recent confrontation in Gaza and before that in Lebanon.”  Continue reading

Israel Signals Hardline Policy Intentions

By Stephen LENDMAN

Observers thinking Palestinians gained from Pillar of Cloud might think again.

Nothing changed. Hardline Netanyahu policies continue. Expect worse ahead. Palestinian peace, reconciliation and unity advocates are murdered or arrested.

Qassem brigades leader Ahmed Jabari negotiated a truce agreement draft. Ways for establishing ceasefires in case of future flare-ups were included.

Jabari was working with Egypt to establish permanent peace. Israel murdered him to prevent it. Peace, stability, and Palestinian unity defeat its agenda. Conflict and violence are prioritized.

Rogue states need enemies to justify policies. Israel’s include crimes of war and against humanity. They rage against soft targets. Tougher ones require US intervention. Israel prefers riding shotgun.

When enemies don’t exist, they’re invented. Hamas is a convenient one. So are Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

Achieving regional hegemony depends on inventing enemies, destroying major ones, and eliminating rivals various ways. Balkanizing some into weak statelets substitutes for full-scale war.

Continue reading