Report from the Paris protest against Nato war in LIBYA Saturday Sept. 3rd

Hi everybody

As we promised, here is our report on this protest

I went to this protest with the hope of seeing the Place de la République full of people, with police preventing cars from entering it, etc … And when I arrived, I was terribly disappointed to see about 250 people. I don’t understand my fellow French citizens. This war is 100% illegal and we all know the goals of it. Steal Libya’s wealth and prevent it from implementing Africa’s financial independence through three major African institutions that were supposed to be inaugurated in Septembre. Needless to say that Libya would have been the country providing the most money ( $32 billions that the West froze and claim they belonged to Gaddafi’s family when this money was actually destined to save Arfica from the white financial vampires that enslave nation after nation ). Despite all that, only 250 of concerned citizens took to the streets today.

Even if Mainstream Media made a tremedous misinformation job spreading propaganda, and of course didn’t inform of today’s protest , lots of people were aware of it through social networks. As an example, we, at CounterPsyOps, tried to spread the news. But apparently, most of the people prefer using social networks to learn the latest news about celebrities…

250 is better than zero, and we won’t give up. But at the end of the day, 250 out of 63 million inhabitants is nothing. This war and the upcoming ones will then have to be blamed on the people. On the people not because they decide the wars, but because they let our corrupt and evil elite lead us to the chaos by remaining completly idle.

People need to wake up. People need to make their voices heard. We don’t give up. We’ll keep reporting the truth !

Below you’ll see some pictures I took of this protest.

People listening to the speaker who was explaining how Thierry Meyssan (Voltaire Network) almost got killed and how he succeded to leave the country

A young man showing the atrocities that Nato are committing in Libya

A Tshirt show a message full of hope “Libya will live”

A man wearing Gaddafi’s picture around his neck

A picture showing how Nato protects civilians in Libya

Young people holding pictures of innocent civilians killed by Nato bombings

A woman wearing a green veil to show support to the Great Libyan Jamahiriya

No need to comment this one

A peace activist burning Sarkozy’s picture

Sarkozy picture bruning

Sarkozy picture burnt on the ground


10 comments on “Report from the Paris protest against Nato war in LIBYA Saturday Sept. 3rd

  1. Les eurasistes en Russie et en Italie ont organise aussi les manifestations en faveur de Kaddafi et contre OTAN. Les peuples du monde doivent se reveiller un jour. Les meilleurs voeux! A.Douguine

  2. Thank you so much for posting this and thank you to the 250 who were able to turn up on the day. Don’t be too harsh on the people who didn’t. Many are working hard just to feed themselves and their children, and do not have the opportunity or awareness to access the truth. That is why those that do need to educate them gently – to some it comes as quite a shock to learn our governments do not have our best interests at heart. Others are scared of losing jobs or friends etc., so fight anonymously.
    Your post is encouraging to all who love Libya and peace.

  3. Stop this madman Sarkozi, please! It not the unique originator, but should be responsible for the crime! Why France does not have the second de Gol? Why over this country pity mongrel Sarkozi supervises? He has entered France into OTAN. He is the criminal! And the criminal needs to be judged!
    Thank you for a fair civic stand and humanism!

  4. We are living in the 21 century. Forget it. The mistakes of the 19 century are not solved. The idea that it means freedom to put the boot on the neck of others operates still in unchallenged mode. To the people of Libya bombs, to the NATO-Krauts impositions which acts as overture for that what happens in Libya.
    To protest against what NATO does in Libya till now forgiven I was looking for protest in Germany.
    Success or not for NATO in Libya but shapes the resolution luck of the European Libyans.

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