Libya Carnage: NATO in Sirte 2011 doing what the Luftwaffe did in Gernika 1937. A Call to Action.

The city is being obliterated for resisting the attacks of the rebels, incapable of taking the city by themselves. Hundreds of civilians have been killed & wounded by NATO warplanes  bombing 24/7 not letting rescue teams help those under the rubble. A major war crime is being hidden to the world by the collusion of US, EU & Arab news corporations with NATO & the inaction of the International Red Cross & “humanitarian” NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) chiefly among them Amnesty International (Britain), Human Rights Watch (USA), Médecins Sans Frontières (France). These organizations work to justify wars of aggression by NATO through UN & media hype but fail miserably to report on NATO & NATO-controlled rebels atrocities in Libya which are publicly known & verifiable. Their silence is complicity.

The false narrative of the media about what is happening in Libya also has shadows of WW2: Remember Goebbels & his powerful propaganda apparatus announcing to the German people that the fall of Stalingrad was imminent over & over again until Von Paulus army was finally encircled by the Russians? Goebbels would have loved to have the means of mass mind control & persuasion that the banking elite in Wall Street & London have today at their disposal, but the result would have been exactly the same: a crushing defeat on the ground that exposes the lies, atrocities & reckless behavior of those in power & destroys the aura of invincibility & righteousness of the mission. Now is 2 weeks since Libyans started fighting back foreign NATO-rebels in Tripoli mounting succesful counterattacks. Given the stubborn determination of the Libyan people to expel the NATO invaders from their country & the poorly planned NATO mission in Libya, the same outcome is expected here. At a horrendous cost however, as has happened in most national struggles for liberation from foreign occupation in history.

The actions of NATO are primarily directed at subjugating the Libyan people into obedience to a new illegitimate colonial government imposed by the US. Therefore they are designed to have a devastating effect on civilians. Thousands upon thousands of decent peace-loving innocent human beings are being slaughtered by NATO & its mercenaries in Libya. The Libyan children killed, bombed, raped, tortured, disappeared, kidnapped, enslaved, prostituted & murdered for organ traffic by NATO & its proxies put this organization on the same level of criminality as the German SS (Schutzstaffel) in Eastern Europe. More sophisticated, vicious & business-oriented perhaps, although smaller in scale given the restrains NATO faces at home & in the international scene. This may also change to the worst if the bankers sense they can dismiss without consequences any opposition to their “humanitarian” wars.

Since Western societies show a callous disregard for the consequences of the actions of their own armies & governments on the people of Libya, it is important to start confronting them with their own loses in the conflict. No military aggression against a nation willing to fight back for its independence comes without a price to pay & all those involved in the NATO aggression on Libya are paying dearly. A key important question that citizens, military families & journalists need to address to governments of France, Britain, Qatar & US is the following: What are the names of the citizens of your country who have died in Libya since February 2011? Those governments are hiding the death of their citizens sent to a foreign country by both government & military brass to fight a war of aggression that is illegal under domestic & international law. What are the identities of those citizens? How many of them have been killed? What are the circumstances of their deaths? Why were they sent to Libya & what was the domestic legal basis used by the government to send them there?

We will continue to press relentlessly for a stop to NATO’s aggression against Libya, a political solution to the conflict, an assessment of the damage caused by NATO in terms of civilians killed, maimed, tortured & displaced; damage to the country’s infrastructure; spread of terrorism throughout Africa & Middle East as a consequence of NATO intervention; NATO’s & Western governments collaboration with Al Qaeda & other terrorist organizations listed by the West in the attack against Libya; damage caused to global security by NATO intervention in Libya. We will also help documenting, organizing & discussing how to bring those involved in NATO aggression against Libya to justice, to make attacking countries pay war reparations & help the victims recover from the suffering inflicted upon them by NATO.

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