Sunday: Beni Walid holds strong; Green flags wave in Benghazi; "Rebels-Nato" killed in Tripoli: Residents shout, "God is Great!"


The reports below go from the “oldest” to the most recent. All of them are for September 11th, 2011.

by Dennis South

Sunday, 11.09.2011 – 08:44
A Libyan Army brigade, under the command of Colonel Khamis Qaddafi, launched an attack in Zauli. Zauli [or a plant inside Zauli] is now under the control of the army, as well as volunteers and patriots. An August 20th attack on the airport and military base, Maitiga, which is 8 kilometers from Tripoli and its main airport, led to the capture of 20 NATO rebels. Ten members of British intelligence were killed. The London Independent reported that the Libyan army fired at the front line, to the south of Tripoli.

Sunday, 11.09.2011 – 15:30
(In the previous report from Russia, you saw that the cities of Bin Walid and Sirte remained under the firm control of the popular resistance, even after sustaining a fierce attack during the daytime on September 10th.) That night, NATO returned and used mustard gas against the defenders and civilians of Bin Walid, a violation of war conventions.

The report speculates that NATO will now blame Gaddafi for using mustard gas. Of course, NATO has already violated conventions of war by using white phosphoros and bombs made of depleted uranium. The Russian source did not mention what was the outcome, in Bin Walid, after the use of the mustard gas.

NATO has used the mustard gas as a desperate act, realizing that it has totally failed to subdue Libya, and also realizing that NATO’s mandate soon runs out. And NATO wants to be able to announce that it has captured a number of towns. NATO may use more illegal techniques as the September 19th date of 6 months of bombing Libya approaches.

Contrary to predictions by NATO, the resistance by Libyans against NATO aggression is increasing. Libyans will avenge the invaders for the torture and deaths of family members.

Sunday, 11.09.2011 – 16:35

Tripoli. Residents were chanting Allah-u-Akbar (God is Great) after the destruction of “NATO rebels” as they call them, in several ambushes throughout the city.

Beni Walid. The NATO rebels were not able to surround Beni Walid because a large number of volunteers came armed with small arms and RPGs. They were supported by the Warfala Tribe. The Libyan Army captured three rebels and killed their leader.

Benghazi. The brave supporters of Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya held a demonstration, waving green flags. The demonstrations took place in several areas: Kovifiya, Ras Abid Al Slimane, and Juliana. The NATO-rebels have no power to stop these demonstrations, but tried to do so by opening fire, and killing several people.

— The report is published in Russian at

(source: Mathaba )


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