Breaking – NATO militias have been forced to retreat to Ajdabiya after more clashes around Sirte. Hundreds of NATO militiamen killed when they tried to storm Sirte, backed by NATO air cover and NATO militias dropped inside Sirte.

NATO propaganda machine and NATO militias have been embarrassed many times for making false claims, and exaggerating events. They claimed that they took over Bani Walid, but the next day they were seen fleeing from front lines, carrying as many dead bodies and injured as they could.

Also they claimed that they occupied Sirte previously, but soon after they were seen fleeing with heavy losses of over 300 and unknown number of injured.

The resistance against North Atlantic Terror Organization is still strong, and is slowly intensifying and spreading throughout the country. The Libyan Government has its own plot, as described in Qaddafi’s speech when he referred to ZERO HOUR.

The future is still uncertain.

(source: Ozyism)


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