Reports suggests that NATO Special ops have been dropped inside Sirte taking position in civilian homes, fighting continues in the front line while the Libyan Jamahariya tries to take out the Special Ops Units in the City Centre.

NATO militias claim to have pushed towards the city’s entrance, but no evidence is yet to be seen. The Special Ops have been surrounded in the centre of the town and have no way out.

A similar assault took place in Bani Walid when NATO militias were ordered to push from outside, and NATO special ops attacking from the inside. That attempt failed miserably as NATO militias were forced to retreat after receiving heavy casualties, leaving the Special Ops stranded.

Reports that hundreds of NATO militias have been killed in this attempt to storm Sirte, similar to what happened in Bani Walid.

NATO militias confirm receiving heavy casualties, but continue to claim that they are pushing towards the city.

(source: Ozyism)


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