Reuters confirm that NATO militias fled from Bani Walid, after lies spread by the same media outlet that they already occupied the town.

“Forced to retreat from Bani Walid” (Reuters – 17/sept/11)

The completely fabricated lies are continually spread, then corrected when it is impossible to hide the truth.

Ibrahim Moussa also confirmed that NATO militias were forced to flee Bani Walid and Sirte, also confirming that at least 130 of NATO militiamen were killed in between Sabha and Bani Walid, another 60+ killed around Sirte.

Other sources give a much higher casualty rate, one source estimates up to 200 militiamen killed outside Bani Walid, when they were forced to retreat, in the process 30 Tanks and 40 armed SUVs destroyed.

After another retreat and defeat, reports suggests that NATO has unleashed the most viscous terror attacks since the war began. At least 50 civilians (including children) have been reportedly killed in Sirte by the latest NATO terror attacks.

When NATO militias fled Sirte and Bani Walid, angry and frustrated, they turned against each other again, one faction blaming the other faction, and vice versa. The division is deepening as the Zero Hour is getting closer and closer. Libyan militias are panicking because they believe NATO will abandon them after the next vote for extension of terror operations.

Also many analysts believe that NATO cannot afford to continue this war, both in economic sense, and in security sense. NATO believes that the destabilization of Libya will only effect NATO member states in Europe, and will destroy NATO member state’s already fragile and almost dead economies.

Previous reports indicated that Gangs connected to Italian Mafia is smuggling weapons and drugs to Europe through destabilized and lawless Libya. This has caused Security concerns amongst the already fragile NATO member states where social unrest is high, and discontent towards NATO member regimes is even higher.

(source: Ozyism)


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