The Iraq Baath Party, under the leadership of Izzat al-Douri, said that they join the fight against the Western invaders, led by Muammar Gaddafi

By Dennis South

Libya: Benghazi green banner raised


Friday, 23.09.2011

MSNBC TV received confirmed reports that the green flag of the Libyan Jamahiriya was raised over parts of Benghazi. The green flag was also raised again in many parts of Cyrenaica. There are continuing reports of clashes in Tripoli. This means that the resistance to the aggression of NATO has entered a new phase. NATO mercenary commanders are claiming that all of the rats who attempted to storm Sirte and Bani Walid were killed.

There are no NATO-rebel “rats” on the ground attacking Bani-Walid. The campaign against Bani Walid is now a NATO air campaign. But NATO might be considering the the introduction of mercenary troops that will try to take Bani-Walid.

The same is true for Sirte and Sabha, which are of great strategic importance. The fact that the green flag was raised over parts of Benghazi and throughout Cyrenaica emphasizes Gaddafi’s recent statements reminding the world that the Libyan people, not NATO and not the rebels, are the rulers of Libya. And the Libyan people will never agree to being slaves.

Yesterday, Agence France-Press reported that LDF (Libyan Defence Forces) advances involve the use of Grads, 15 km from Beni Walid, which forced the mercenaries to flee in a panic. Rats, by their own estimates, have lost 1000 terrorists and mercenaries at Beni Walid.

The Women’s Committee of Sabha, Sirte, Bani Walid and other cities have taken up arms to expel the invaders.

China has refused to unfreeze Libyan assets in Chinese banks to TNC.

Iraq. Banned in Iraq, the Baath Party, under the leadership of Izzat al-Douri, said that they join the fight against the Western invaders, led by Muammar Gaddafi.

Libyan resistance

Fighting in Sirte has stopped “for 7 days,” according to the rebels, who claim that they have run out of ammunition.

Sirte, located 370 km east of Tripoli, has, thus far, proven to be an impregnable fortress, bravely defended by the fighters of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Some of the rebels have retreated towards Benghazi. Others, to somehow gain a foothold, have begun to build, as stated by the rebel commander, Dardef, “a powerful line of defense” 30 km to the east of Sirte, near the town of Sultan. Bulldozers are digging trenches. This is designed to create long-term firing points (dots). The same tactic is being deployed west of Sirte.

NATO aircraft, despite the cease-fire, continue the bombing of residential districts. NATO warships continue a naval blockade of the city in which there is a shortage of food and medicine.

Libya: cry Tuaregs


One of the biggest successes in African politics is Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi’s alliance with the Tuareg. The Tuareg tribe are a tribe of Berber nomads that inhabit the area that includes southern Libya, Algeria, Mali, Morocco and right up to Burkina Faso to the south.

The Tuareg are one of the last tribes in Africa that Western countries, particularly France, would like to totally colonize. Severe drought did not leave many means of livelihood. So, many of the Touaregs moved south to live in Libya, to work in the oil industry in order to acquire a stable and peaceful life.

In 2005, Gaddafi offered unlimited residence permits for all Malian Tuaregs and Niger citizens in Libya. In 2006, he organized all the tribes of the Sahara region, including the Tuareg, to form a unified force to counter terrorism and drug trafficking.

That is why many hundreds of soldiers came from Niger and Mali to help Gaddafi after the start of the uprising. Their opinion is that they must help Gaddafi. They did it spontaneously out of a sense of duty, as a conditioned reflex.

Recall again that the Tuareg called a meeting with the heads of their tribes from Libya, Mali and Niger. At this meeting, the decision was made to join the war on the side of Gaddafi.

The Tuareg of Mali said that they would go to war against the Malian government if the government supports the rebels or arrests any of Gaddafi’s supporters who are now in Mali. They issued a similar warning and Niger: If you interfere with Gaddafi, we will overthrow your government. Western and Russian intelligence acknowledge that the Tuaregs are, barring none, the greatest experts in the art of desert warfare. So, their warnings to Mali and Niger are taken seriously.

The Tuareg say that they are the lords of the desert, and that they will decide what can be transported and what cannot be transported through the desert. It is said that Gaddafi’s movements are protected by Tuareg fighters.

The Tuaregs said that if they discover food that is destined for the rebels, they will confiscate that cargo and bury the merchants that carry the cargo in the sands of the Sahara. The Tuareg view the presence of European and other mercenaries as a threat to the “rules of movement across the Sahara.”

Gaddafi received the Tuareg. The Tuaregs have dispatched their best fighters to serve as guards for Colonel Gaddafi, who feel that to die for Muammar Gaddafi is a matter of honor.

The meeting in Moscow on Thursday


On Thursday 29 September at 18.00 (6:00 p.m. Moscow Time) at the monument at the Metro in 1905, there will be a rally in support of the Socialist Jamahiriya.

Organizer Internet Blogging Community “for Gaddafi”

(source: Mathaba)

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