Sirte. Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds are controlling town, airport Gardabia and military base sounth of Sirte.Rats are run out 10-15 km on south.
Hard fight in town As Sultana east of Sirte.
Bani Walid has been cleared of NATO-RATS in radius of 100 km.
Tripoli Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds are controling eastern area of town Al Dzaval and Al Ahdar. Green flags in this area.
Hard fight Libyan moujaheeds against Rats in Tripoli area Salahdin Road. Tarhuna hunting on remain Rats.
Sabha military base Taminhint and airport 50 kilometer from town is controlling by Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds.Many Rats killed and captured.
Misruta Libyan army forces have hard attack on Rats.
In Bengazi hard fight between Libyan moujaheeds and Rats.

21/sept/11 Reports from the ground depict scenes of chaos outside the town of Bani Walid, witnesses claim that NATO militiamen and Mercenaries are once again fighting each other, many fighters have been shot, and one fighter’s head have been blown off by an RPG.

This comes as fighting intensifies in the Capital, scenes of heavy fighting and explosions have been reported, also reports that Libyans have raised the Green flag over the Green Mountains in the east. Scenes of celebrations were posted in Tarhuna as reports suggests that the town have been liberated by its own people.

Once again NATO Mercenaries have been forced to flee Sirte after receiving heavy casualties, now waiting for NATO to terrorize the city once again.

NATO Militias and Mercenaries claim that only 45 people have been killed and that over 400 injured, hospitals are filled, NATO Special Ops who are injured are sent abroad for treatment.

Other reports suggests that over a hundred NATO Mercenaries and Militiamen have been killed and unknown numbers injured.

Rape was just one of many brutal tools used by NATO mercenaries to silence Libyans, and force them in to submission. Many brutal cases emerged, but no organization condemned such atrocities, nor promised to hold NATO responsible for the atrocities.

Cases after cases of brutal and merciless rapes in the hands of NATO mercenaries came forward, but the media completely silent.

Instead the media with International organizations fabricated stories about the Libyan Government using rape as a weapon of war, which was quickly sent to rubbish as a fabricated lie.

The media has finally decided to show a glimpse of NATO terrorism in Libya, this video shows some of the victims of NATO mercenaries, rape was definitely one of the tools of oppression used by NATO.

21/sept/11 The footage which CNN is showing is old, from when they just entered Sabha, no resistance at all, because it was a trap. When they advanced inwards they received heavy casualties and were forced to flee according to reports and sources within Libya.

Right now they are playing a propaganda war like they played in Sirte, they already retreated from Sirte but NATO media continually said they controlled part of the city. It is to decrease the moral of Libyans and make them surrender, but that won’t happen.

The Sirte propaganda ended up being lies, they received heavy casualties then fled and waited for NATO to implement another round of terror operations.

That being said, wait a day or two, then they will be forced to report the truth.

At the small town of Ragdalin a similar trap was set, when civilians went and told NATO forces that the town had surrendered, once they entered the town, they were surrounded and received heavy casualties, many fled leaving their fellow Mercenaries behind to be killed or captured.

(source: Leonor)


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