by Dennis South


The Arab Socialist Baath Party (Arab Renaissance), led by former Iraqi Vice President Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, announced that they have joined Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya in the fight to liberate Libya. Iraqi resistance fighters, officers and security services have accumulated vast experience in fighting in urban and rural settings against the invaders: Americans, British and other “Georgians,” as well as local collaborators.

The Iraqi Liberation Front and The Ba’ath Party, as well as Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, enjoyed the financial support of Gaddafi since the invasion of Iraq by foreign imperialist invaders in 2003. The U.S. military command in Iraq has promised to pay the fee of $10 million for the capture of Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri.

Ibrahim al-Douri said, “We have come to the tomb of Omar al-Mukhtar, in this difficult hour for his country to help his people.” By speaking in this manner, Ibrahim al-Douri has acknowledged that the struggle in Libya is the struggle against colonialism–the same struggle that Omar al-Muktar confronted, and fought, for 20 years during the colonization of Libya by the Italians.

Ibrahim al-Douri’s announcement indicates that he is fighting for the just cause of freedom and for resistance to colonialism. This stands in sharp contrast to the reasons that al-Qaeda fighters have come to Libya: to fight for money and power, not liberation and freedom.

The fact that General Ibrahim al-Douri was able to relocate his forces to Libya, despite having been hunted for 8 years by the imperialists, and despite having a $10 million price on his head, demonstrates his wisdom even more than his already well-known valor and skills in the art of war. General Ibrahim al-Douri understands that Iraq faces the same evil forces that Libya faces.

It is important to know that the General did not abandon Iraq. He defends Iraq even while in Libya, and will go back to Iraq one day in victory.

Libyan Information Bureau

Saturday, 24.09.2011 – 16:44

Yesterday we were in the wilderness with a team of Tuaregs. And for security purposes we had no phones and no cameras. The Tuareg elders have given us a statement in which they state that they will not accept colonial crusaders in their lands.

In the south of Libya, the situation is not the same as described in the media. The rebels, along with Western reporters, rode through some of the villages. The villagers waved rat flags, but this was a purposeful deception. The villagers were involved in a mission that was designed to help cut off the supply lines of the rebels, and they waved the rebel flag to draw attention away from their underground, anti-NATO and anti-rebel activity.

NATO might decide to bomb, but there is now a problem for NATO: It can no longer distinguish between who is a rebel and who is Jamahiriya fighter. This is because Jamahiriya fighters are using guerrilla tactics in order to mix with the rebels.

We have visited and talked to many people. And they have told us that the NATO bombing has given them the inspiration to fight hard against NATO genocidal aggression. One tactic that the villagers use is to let the rebels come through, and then the kill them from behind.

We went behind the so-called enemy lines, and we assure you that there was no one to stop us. (For security reasons we will not mention the areas that we and the noble Tuareg tribesmen visited).

We recognize that the media and the rebels are misleading the people of the world, and that they are doing this in attempt to break our morale. But our morale is strong.

From the call of Tarragon, we learned that there is a big problem for the rebels, because our Mujahideen (fighters) attacked them two days ago, and now the rats are cut off at this point.

In addition, in Sirte, rats are killed en masse. As for Bani Walid, the rebels seem to have decided not to attack it. Their strategy is to continue to attempt to block vital supplies from reaching the people of Bani Walid.

They hope that this will create a humanitarian crises, and thus the people of Bani Walid will be forced to surrender, and let the rebels in to supposedly give the people of Bani Walid needed supplies. But the nobel tribesmen took an oath of loyalty, vowing to not allow such a humanitarian crises to occur.

TNC members are meeting today to form a new, so-called “government.” But we expect that this meeting will expose the internal conflicts between them.

Libyan resistance, September 24th, Evening

Saturday, 24.09.2011 – 21:47


On the morning of September 24 of NATO and the militants of al-Qaida from Tripoli, opened an intense artillery and rocket fire on the city Sirte. The defenders returned fire. The firefight lasted for a whole day.

According to reports from the city, the rebels are firing indiscriminately into residential neighborhoods. Before the rebels start firing, NATO aircraft subjects the city to bombing. In the afternoon, helicopters also fired on the city and tried to make a landing.

Ayesha Gaddafi spoke to the Libyan people from Algeria, via the Syrian TV channel, “Arran.” She said that her father is alive. He is in good health and is still on Libyan soil. He is full of energy to fight the foreign occupiers. She said that her father has has never given up his full committment to free Libya from the mercenaries and the traitors.

She warned the Libyans that just as the rebels betrayed her father, so to will they betray the Libyan people. Addressing them, she said that Muammar Gaddafi has not stopped his fight against those who took power from the Libyan people. “I assure you, he believes in Allah, in his hands, arms, and he is fighting shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers.”

Libya – NATO and rebels have lost faith

Saturday, 24.09.2011 – 21:53

NATO pilots have expressed that they are not certain that they are doing the right thing by bombing Libya, and have also expressed reluctance to continue the bombing. The pilots state that they do not know why they are bombing, nor whom they are bombing.

Transcriber comments: I cannot confirm the veracity of this information concerning NATO pilots feeling “reluctance” to bomb Libya. It is certainly true that soldiers, throughout history, have felt such reluctance. But NATO pilots have been dropping bombs for seven months. Personally–and I hope I’m wrong–I do not believe that NATO pilots, or any military person associated with the northern countries, have one ounce of a sense of morality. They are trained as machines. On top of it, many of them are pure racists, because that is how they were raised from childhood. Yet, let us hope that this report is true. Perhaps there are NATO pilots who will refuse to bomb Libya. But don’t count on it.

Although Qatar had promised to render assistance, there is an acute shortage of manpower in the NATO coalition [supposedly]. According to reports, many NATO soldiers have received permission to absent himself, and others are deserting. The rebels, as well as NATO soldiers, are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Under these conditions, where some soldiers are managing to receive permission to absent themselves from fighting, other soldiers are deserting, and still others are suffering from PTSD, it is no wonder that morale is low amongst the NATO soldiers and rebels that remain in the battle. In Tripoli, those rebels and foreign aggressors who would like to have believed that they are safe, now find themselves in terrible discomfort and uncertainty.

Every day at least a dozen of them die at the hands of people who are supporters of Muammar Gaddafi and The Libyan Resistance. They ask each other question, “If this level of massacre continues here in Tripoli, is it not better to return to the Western mountains?”

The same mood exists in the camp of the traitors in Benghazi, because of their failed attempt to take over the cities of Bani Walid, Sirte, and Sabha. The defenders killed over a thousand of the rebels, who felt as if they had been gored by a rhino’s horn.

Rebel deaths are estimated in the hundreds. Because of this, rebel soldiers do not want to go to the front. Even worse, the rebels are not getting paid. So, after a NATO bombing campaign they start looting. Someone steal cars, others steal electronic equipment. NATO has created a society of lawlessness. Fortunately, this is temporary, and the Libyan people will restore order.

Apparently, the enemies of the people are living in a nightmare. The hospitals in Benghazi and Misrate and overcrowded. In the capital of the rebels there is heavy fighting between different factions of the traitors. More than fifty were killed during the bombing of the headquarters of the TNC.

The number of wounded at the front has exceeded over three thousand. No wonder that other men refuse to go to their deaths while attempting to fight the well-trained forces of Muammar Qaddafi. It should also be noted that the people hate the rebels with a deep passion.

A doctor who treats the rebels, but prefers to remain anonymous, testified about the constant nightmares, anxiety, nervous breakdowns, panic attacks and physical distress among many of the traitors. Worse, some men became completely unable to function normally in any way whatsoever. There is no psychological support. Intense psychological stress has lead to the situation where now the traitors are killing each other.

The should never have gotten involved in this fiasco, making the mistake of underestimating the Libyan people and The Leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

Message from Sirte to the people to the world

Saturday, 24.09.2011 – 23:31

Explosion in Tripoli, September 24, 2011. The heroic resistance continues

Saturday, 24.09.2011 – 23:54

A series of powerful explosions took place today in Tripoli near a large naval base. This is stated in the reports from the Libyan capital. According to the testimony of a number of witnesses, the explosion occurred in the part of the city called Abu Seta.


In the port of Tripoli, a ship that was delivering arms and ammunition from France, to the rebels, exploded. After the explosion in the port several carloads of French Special Forces were seen. The port continues to burn. Above the town is a huge cloud of black smoke.

There was also gunfire heard in the city. Observers do not exclude the possibility that the explosion in the port was the result of a daring operation conducted by the Libyan army, under the noses of the rebels.

(source: Mathaba)

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