7 months of bombing Libya: NATO war on civilians

Sara Flounders puts it crystal clear. This is not a popular uprising against a “dictator”, but it is a 100% NATO war on a sovereign and independent country. People keep resisting because they don’t want their country to be in the hands of former colonial powers. They want to keep the independence that Muammar Gaddafi, their one and only leader, brought to them.

NATO never intended to protect civilians. In the first place, because civilians were not in danger. And the white empire knew it. NATO miscalculated. They thought that having a bunch of Al Qaeda fighters on the ground fighting against the army (which was actually protecting civilians) and then bringing in their planes into the conflict, in order to bomb the hell out of the country, would make REAL LIBYANS shift and support the NTC (nothing more than a bunch of puppets, taking orders from their white masters). But no, Libyan people are strong. They are defiant. They are resilient. They resist.

They know what is living under foreign occupation. They know what is living under the regime of a western puppet (King Idris). And they know what is living in absolute freedom, justice, independence and equalty. That is why they keep fighting. And that is why they’ll keep fighting, just as their leader said: “Fighting until victory or martyrdom” Defeat is not even an option.

We, at CounterPsyOps, like millions of justice and freedom lovers around the world, support the Libyan people in their fight against the white empire.


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