After 9/11 Anniversary, Is Lebanon Going to Be Theater for New US Tragedy? (1/2)


Wanting to talk about the current stage in the Middle East, North Africa, and the American role in these parts of the world, we spontaneously return to an event that has occupied the international community for years and posed a big question mark. In addition, discussing and analyzing its causes, results, and consequences do lead any observer to a political question: Had not there been 9/11/2001 attacks against the WTC, could the U.S.A. have occupied the Arab and the Muslims lands at the military, intelligence, and the economic levels?

Such spontaneous return to the near past is not a coincidence. Since such an immense bloody event till today, several facts have been disclosed but they were effaced and downsized through a Western and an Arabian plan because their conspirators never wanted people to think one single time about the relation of the international intelligence particularly the C.I.A and the Mossad, which would ever project the event as an initial point to what is called “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) and NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P). This is not the sole reason, yet in the course of the incidents the way they have been happening worldwide,
and in our region in the wake of the WTC destruction, suspicions have been raised regarding the real conspirator for the attacks.

For this reason and after 11/9, the eyes have become rather wide open on the role played by the secret intelligence agencies in our daily lives. Actually, those groups are not only linked to the U.S.A. but to Europe and to the NATO, which had used the stay-behind” style a resistance movement that  used to spy from behind enemy lines. That enemy was other countries dominating the international decision, which have executed numerous bombings in Bologne in the 80’s of the past century and in Spain, Italy, and other European countries. All of this was to serve economic goals. From this corner, 11/9 could be considered an international world war organized by the trans-continental companies that control the world under several titles and dominate the world economy.


Thus, they execute bombings and assassinations in order to serve their own economic, imperialistic and expansion goals.

In an assessment for the past 10 years, we can see that this period has been sufficient to cause the most immense human tragedy after World War 2. We can also clearly see the destruction and the criminality that took place in Europe during the Two World Wars; Islam, for instance, was not the cause for either of them, neither was either of the two wars about “war against terrorism!” The reasons were centrally ranging between economic and political domination for a rationally imbalanced European group (the Nazis and the Fascists) who forced the world into a tragedy we have been suffering from ever since until today.

For that reason, after 9/11/2001, the region started to go through a secret war waged by that “secret government” -Bloomberg Group- leading the change worldwide; subsequently, it could be considered that the numerous aggressions that have been executed by the Zionist- American group, which were not declared, is linked to the Neo-conservatives who had made it to the Oval office with President Reagan in the eighties of the past century.

However, those operations were disclosed during Junior George Bush’s reign, the failure and the imbalanced man, according to most psychiatrists and to most studies in the U.S.A. In addition, we cannot forget Dick Cheney’s role who had accompanied George Bush Senior when he announced the commencement of a “New World Order” in the wake of the Soviet Union collapse in 1991 when he said that “a new era” had begun.

The expression itself indicates to Torahic discourses linked to Zionist Talmudic faith. In the year 2001, the American President disappeared and Dick Cheney reappeared, by then he was in charge of a psychologists who believed in parapsychology or “manipulating the mind” over many American military groups that had been trained on criminality. Those groups were used in more than one assassination and massacres among nations mercilessly. This could be concluded from the Talmudic lessons that Dick Cheney tried to market followed by George Bush Junior claiming that the final Armageddon ” battle was approaching and would accompany the declaration of an Israeli state with Jerusalem as its capital. Thus, they tried to change the world through the available provisions at their hands, whether the political, the economic, or the cultural. There came September 11 as a springboard that provided the pretext, the legality, and the international cover up for the Bush and the Neo-conservative group namely – Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Wolfowitz- to go for war called “the international war against terrorism” in 2001.


US Comes To Region, Plays on Sectarian Chord to Break it Down 

In the same course, director of “The Consultancy for Strategic Studies” Dr. Imad Rizk indicates that
“Invading Afghanistan was done under the pretext of “hunting down” Osama Bin Laden that the operation lasted for 10 years till the justification for Al-Qaeda organization leader’s presence was unnecessary anymore. Whoever traces the recent historical account will notice that Bin Laden was merely a CIA agent and was financed by Saudi Arabia to fight back against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Under this cover up, the doctrine of violence was manipulated and capitalized on in order to accuse Islam of terrorism. Subsequently, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war in 1991, Bin Laden’s duty as a deputy with a mission to gather the Muslims from all the Arab countries in order to fight against the Soviets was finished.

Then, the U.S.A. moved from encountering the communist tide to reorganizing Al-Qaeda activities that a new justified pretext came out on the scene in order to capitalize on Al-Qaeda organization projects. We witnessed how the manipulation and distortion of so many religious ideas prevailing by then was conducted and how Al-Qaeda literature was considered a part of trans-continental criminal terrorism. Thus, the U.S.A. was justifying its acts, but those acts can be defined as organized terrorism by a “supposedly” accountable international party.”

For this reason, 9/11 was the start and then invading Afghanistan followed in 2001 under the pretext of Al-Qaeda presence there. After that Saddam Hussein’s international law-breaking impact and his rejection to cooperate with the international community; in addition to the cover up that Saddam Hussein had the third military power in the East and that he was a threat to the Zionist entity because of his possession of nuclear technology capacities which would empower him to destroy the whole world.

Consequently, Iraq was invaded and occupied. On the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq “We witness today how the American project in the region is suffering the failures implanted by Dick Cheney and George Bush in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Such an American unilateral strategy that has proven its failure has dropped at the threshold of “the Cedars Revolution” in Lebanon upon the assassination of Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri in February 2005, in addition to the organized disorder that ensued and was fabricated by circles specialized in media distortion and psychological wars. Thus, Al-Hariri assassination was manipulated by those circles through implanting sectarian dissension among the various sects and religious spectrum in the Middle East in an endeavor to redraw the political map of the region and to break it down. This dissension agrees with the Zionist project in order to concoct small, weak, and disputing entities that will allow the Zionist entity not only to survive and exist but also to grow the dominating power economically, militarily, and politically in this organic region for the international economy.”


Assassinating Al-Hariri and Christian figures to subdue Syria

Here the crisscrossing point between 9/11/2001 and Al-Hariri assassination on February 2005 can be seen. In the first case, the attack on the WTC was to justify the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, while the second case was intended to justify imposing sanctions against Syria, to increase pressure on Iran and the other forces resisting against foreign domination in the region. After the failure of its attempts, the American Zionist project commissioned Israel to wage a war against the Lebanese resistance. About that Dr. Rizk says, “All of those events can be linked according to the road map produced by the Zionist lobby in the U.S.A. During the stage prior to the attack on 9/11, and those events that followed passing through Al-Hariri assassination until July 2006 war waged by Israel, there had been a series of security events in Lebanon such as assassinations and bombings in several places. In addition, the media was manipulated in order to highlight a falsified image claiming that Christians were targeted. Then, some figures close to March 14 were assassinated in order to fake dissension among the political parties in Lebanon. This issue was manipulated to accuse the Syrian regime in order to subjugate it to the American bids.”

Dr. Rizk adds, “After all the failures that hit the American project, the Lebanese resistance along with the national Lebanese army could direct a smashing and painful hit at the project. They have uncovered Mossad and CIA espionage networks last of which was recently a CIA network that was able to penetrate the resistance. Such networks are excessively available in Lebanon and working on ruining the country at several standards. Moreover, cultural and political wrecking of the society is one of the targets the CIA and other close circles to the Zionist project in the region are endeavoring for.”


Beirut now is Going through a Secret War Similar to the One That Had Happened before the Civil War

Therefore, a reflective reading of the events that have happened in Lebanon since the assassination of PM Rafik Al-Hariri passing through all the other assassinations including all the evidence gathered by the Lebanese security systems, most important of which has been unmasking the secret agent networks and some other international intelligence agents, is going to lead to a conclusion that the stage we arrived at and the intelligence operations particularly the American ones in Lebanon can never be separated from the Israeli intelligence activity. Subsequently, the American activity including the Western is rather privileged with provisional factors to achieve its goals more than the Israelis since it has a diplomatic cover up that allows them to legally finance the non-governmental organizations through which the U.S.A. and the Western countries can have access to data and information about the Lebanese community and the civil society from local municipalities and other governmental departments. Thus, because of the numerous regional intelligence offices availability in Beirut, it can be said that Beirut continues to live a part of a “secret war” nowadays similar to the one that was experienced in the 1950’s and the 1960’s of the past century just prior to the civil war in 1975. By then, Beirut was the focal point of interest for most international intelligence agencies where settlements by elimination used to take place among those agencies on the Lebanese territories.


Three Levels for the American and Western Security Operations

According to Dr. Rizk, “The Western and the American security operations particularly functions at three levels; the technical linked to legal cover up such as in what is done in various security agreements and is known to take a form of information exchange and “coordination offices” which represents the first step to reshape the American politics inside the Lebanese Government. The second level is the investigation level represented by the diplomatic movement of the westerners and the American embassy in Beirut at the political, cultural, social, and economic levels where there is no control on the lookout. Therefore, this activity is not controlled, and under such cover up information, gathering and classification take place. The simplest evidence is what has been released by “Wikileaks.” A huge number of documents that have been leaked out and which indicates to a very excessive activity and confirm that Washington does not miss a thing inside the Lebanese authorities whether economic or related to the Lebanese society, but everything is wired to Washington where analysis is done along with other information that could be Israeli in origin. Furthermore, the third level and the most important of all is the executive level for those western and particularly the American security systems, for they do not collect information for the sake of collecting it but it is rather in preparation to attain a moment for execution.”


One Hand Executes and One Party Takes Advantage

Dr. Rizk adds,” According to several Western and American reports released by surveillance systems observing the Western activity, we can say that the bombings or the events that have happened in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, including Lebanon and Iran are the making of one hand from the logistics corner, the preparation of the booby traps, the usage of detonators, the way they are detonated, the campaigning, and the political capitalization. If we examine the simplest evidence of the crime, we can consider that the party taking advantage of the bombing and the ruining act can be participating in the operation itself. As for the bombings targeting the Iraqis, they can be considered natural with the presence of the American forces in Iraq, while they are unnatural to target Lebanese in Lebanon and Iranians in Iran, regions outside the confrontation fronts.

Iraq has been a gravitational region for the fighters who opted to encounter the American project or the Americans trying to kill the Iraqis. However, how does this apply to Pakistan, Lebanon, and Iran? For this reason, we conclude that the project the U.S.A. is trying to implement is interlinking and complementary. Not a single scene can be separated from the events and their course. All those events are interlinked, and we can prove that through the assassination operations that have been executed by US drone aircraft in Pakistan, Yemen, or in more than one country worldwide.”

At this point, we can conclude that the CIA was assassinating whoever they wanted to kill by using the controlled drone aircraft, and that the Mossad were using the diplomatic gloves and sharing in the field in order to partake in the bombing operations and in reorganizing their networks.

It is never difficult to recognize that Iraq has been one of the arenas where the Mossad cooperated with the American intelligence for the purpose of executing assaults against both the Shiites and the Sunnis. Their purpose was to arouse confusion and dissension among them, weaken those economic Arabian powers or give benefits to other countries that were financing or taking advantage. It was also perhaps to serve some Gulf countries that were taking advantage of the isolation of Iraq and its devastation at both the Arabian and the international levels.


The Jasmine Revolution in Syria

Dr. Imad Rizk

“Nowadays, we can see that some geographically small countries participate in the decision making in the invasion against Libya and its occupation by the NATO and even in devastating the infrastructure of more than one Arab country, up to speaking of financing those small countries for movements in Syria and in other Arab countries. The whole target goes into the same obvious American course; there are those who plan, who finance, and others who execute. It is impossible to exclude those countries from the conspiring plotter if he is a Zionist-American, and the financer if he is an Arab,
or the murderer if he is an Israeli. Such crisscrosses can be considered a part of an international influence division.” Dr. Rizk continues,” From the daily proceedings, we conclude that because it was impossible to pressurize Syria in 2004-2005, the assassination of PM Rafik Al-Hariri had been committed and there followed “the Cedars Revolution” in Lebanon that was meant to trigger the Jasmine Revolution in Syria in 2005-2006.

However, the Syrian capacity to confront and the failure of the destructive and devastating American project in Iraq had pressed Washington to reevaluate its project, and thus came out Baker- Hamilton report  that reassessed the American project keeping on the same strategy or the road map that has lasted till today, but it changed the tactics. The U.S.A. that is going to withdraw its troops from Iraq in December 2011 is going to install its anti-missile dome and its radars in Turkey and simultaneously it expanded the Gulf Council that it would include gains towards Jordan and Morocco. Such crisscrosses have become of obvious goals one of which is the protection of Israel and the protection of the monarchs supportive to the occupying entity whether it is in Jordan, Morocco, or in Saudi Arabia. Today, one can see the Gulf countries and Morocco excluded from accountability, and what is happening is very obvious in Egypt that represents the strategic passage through the Suez Canal, and Libya the gateway to Africa and the Niger where the main natural reservoirs of oil and Uranium. After that, Algiers and Iran are going to be targeted as the French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared .

Therefore, according to the Zionist conspiring geopolitical map for the region, no country can be isolated from Morocco up to Pakistan. The reason is that all those countries that comprise the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are a region of operations either directly executed by the NATO forces under a “legalized” Arab and international political cover up or committed by the CIA and the Mossad arms under Arabian or European titles.

In the second part of the report:

How does the U.S.A. rid of its agents?
The Intelligence arms have spread in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq
A new wave of Bombings… Is the CIA Going to Be the Next Target?

Source: By Nader Ezzeddine (Al Manar)


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