Canada extends its aggression on Libya to the end of the year

Canada’s involvement in the US-European war against Libya and Africahas been extended for another three months.

Following a day of debate in the House of Commons on Monday, the Members of the Parliament voted 189-98 to keep Canada’s hand in the military aggressionon the North African country.

In a speech to the House of Commons, Defence Minister Peter Mackay declared: “Canada was in at the start; we should be there until the job is done.”

Canada’s president Stephen Harper, who attended the so-called “Friends of Libya” meeting on Libya in Paris recently, has said he received assurances that the NATO-rebels’ NTC would honour existing contracts with Canadian companies even though they have no right to do so as those contracts were signed under the legitimate Jamahiriya.

Canada joined the war against Libya and Africa last March by sending fighter jets, patrol planes, aerial tankers and warships, and extended the “mission” for three months in June, with only Green Party Leader Elizabeth May opposing Canada’s continued military involvement.

Last week the NATO countries already announced to extend their illegal bombing of Libya for another three months.

Source: By @Quoriana ( Mathaba )

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