The news of Libya (Thursday, 29 September 2011)

Libyan Defense Forces Assault, Syrte

United States of Africa (LVO): According to new reports, the NATO mercenaries were forced to withdraw from the eastern part of Sirte. A blitz was organized and executed by the Libyan Defence Forces forcing NATO mercenaries to flee leaving behind many vehicles belonging to them, as well as numerous caches of weapons arrived on the front line from supply routes from the East.

In recent days, at least two commanders of the NATO mercenaries were killed, which destroyed the morale of NATO forces. Several analysts said in recent days, many mercenaries have laid down their arms, as happened near Bani Walid, after being demoralized.

Relays propaganda NATO tried to boost the morale of their troops by spreading false claims of victories in the south of Libya, which is still under the control of the Libyan, but NATO has proven to be seeing his desperate manipulation using images reprinted with a photo software for propaganda have been disclosed.

Ghadames was one of the few cities in the South under the control of NATO, but the city forced to flee the mercenaries from NATO, which killed many people in their flight

The main commander of the mercenaries Daou Al-Al-Salhine Jadak was killed

 Senior commander of the NATO mercenaries was killed Tuesday night in a mercenary on the outskirts of Bani Walid. He’s called Al-Daou Salhine Al-Jadak, this name is familiar because it has been shown by the propaganda of NATO allentours prior to September 10th when he said that Bani Walid is almost caught and it required the Defence Forces Libyan lay down their arms and engage in NATO. This is the second mercenary commander killed in a few days in the aggression of NATO failed in Sirte in which many mercenaries are still trapped. According to new reports of an invasion by the sea is not possible because of the high-rise buildings located on the port and can be used as the best line of defense. To the east of the city of Sirte, the NATO forces have been pushed to the west and many NATO mercenaries are trapped inside, only one managed to escape. The resistance continues.
Another mass grave supporters of the Libyan government found near the hotel Rixos

Another mass grave was discovered, this time near the hotel Rixos. At least eight bodies have been removed.Many murders of innocent civilians in hotel Rixos were reported when the mercenaries entered NATO in Tripoli by sea with the protection of aviation and the navy from NATO.

Anyone who has expressed support for the Libyan government was to be executed on the spot, or removed. Many were abused and forced others to show their houses which were then ransacked by the mercenaries who have taken most jewelry for women.

Many mass graves were discovered in a few weeks in and around Tripoli, all filled with supporters of the Libyan government. NATO in desperation tried to terrorize the Libyans for submission, but without success.

“Time Zero” began the hour of victory and the liberation of Tripoli

The Al-Moammar Gaddafi with his gun, moved yesterday on the field to meet the fighters of the Libyan Army. It was a very strong moment, and it cheered up the troops to liberate the capital Tripoli and all other cities occupied by mercenaries from NATO.

On the same day, the political scientist Libyan popular journalist, Dr. Shakir, appeared on Syrian television El Raey, it will be a great booster of the Libyan resistance. Dr. Shakir asked the Libyans to try to find a common ground for them to stop killing each other. He said that is one common enemy is NATO, the colonizer who just steal the Libyan oil.

In the evening an intervention by the guide’s daughter, Mrs. Aisha Al-Gaddafi has called Djanet Algeria, she encouraged the Libyan army troops and volunteers to move forward and release the Libyan land.

The three events of the day yesterday, only confirm that “zero hour” has arrived and that the timing of the release of Libyan land is here.

This morning it was reported that fierce fighting took place in the neighborhoods of Tripoli and in cities throughout Libya. Operation “Liberation of Libya ‘” has been triggered. Ila Ila El DMARDs DMARDs DMARDs Ila

Long live the Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Al-Qadhafi Mouatassem said he gave the green light for the liquidation of leaders of the CNT

According to the website of the Libyan resistance Zangtena, son of Muammar Al-Qaddafi, Mr. Al Mouatassem Gaddafi said the Libyan resistance fighting on two fronts, north and south.

He also revealed to have given the green light to groups that sought to liquidate the leaders of the CNT.

He explained that the Libyan resistance using two strategies, one is the resistance in cities like Tripoli, and Bani Walid Sabha, the other is against attack in the south where the rebels are very low and as Ghdamesse Gate.

Source: Angeeverse

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