Fighting intensifies in Tripoli as Libyan Government Forces enter CIA headquarters



According to new reports, Libyan Defence forces have captured CIA headquarters, and have managed to retrieve important and confidential documents. Many other strategic locations have been captured by the Libyan Elite forces who are operating in teams of 30.

These documents are crucial for future attacks and assaults against NATO and its mercenaries, it will also reveal important information which will help the resistance stay one step ahead of foreign aggressor.

Other reports suggests that Green flags have been raised up in different locations of Tripoli, residential houses have also raised the Green flag even though it could put their lives in danger.

The population of Tripoli became furious when NATO Mercenaries tortured an innocent Libyan to death (just because he expressed his support for the Jamahariya Government), then killed his 2 brothers for raising the Green flag over his grave.

(source: Ozyism)

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