The News Of Libya: September 30 2011 (17H30)

The Libyan people rises in Benghazi against mercenaries from NATO

Many reports indicate that the Benghazi do not want to support the armed thugs and mercenaries roaming the streets, harassing and terrorizing ordinary citizens. The news reports show that green flags were hoisted in many parts of the city, although many people have disappeared for doing so.

People are sick and tired of mercenaries from NATO and released prisoners, they seem not to be afraid, they no longer care whether they will be removed without a trace, or even killed for raising the green flag and for expressing support for the Libyan government.

The Government of the Libyan came to help the people of the south and east of Benghazi. Previous reports have shown that the green flag was raised high in the area of ​​the green mountain to the east of Libya.

The lies of mercenaries from NATO, the commander Salihin Dau shortly before his death

Dau Salihin gave an interview to NATO propaganda of “Anatolia News” just hours before his death. In the interview he said: “we do not use heavy weapons in Bani Walid because of civilians,” but hundreds of reports expose his lies. Even AFP, which is nevertheless a part of the mouth of NATO, admits that mercenaries from NATO widely used “tanks, rocket launchers and heavy artillery” in the assault against Sirte and Bani Walid. A man who lies before her death, I wonder how he will be judged by Allah.

NATO’s mercenaries were forced to flee to 3 km outside Sirte, after suffering heavy losses

NATO’s mercenaries have again begged NATO to continue and intensify terror operations because they were receiving heavy casualties. New reports show that they have fled to at least 3 km outside of Sirte. A huge confusion after the death of several commanders of the Mercenaries, confusion and disorganization has forced many of them to stop fighting. Many in the Western Front fled to Misratah and have laid down their arms, but unfortunately, they were met by stubborn harassment thugs who do not want to end the fighting.

NATO mercenaries have again failed to form a government of occupation

 NATO’s mercenaries had recently said they would create a government of occupation of Libya by  September the 18th 2011, then when the time came, they failed. NATO’s mercenaries, shame, then made ​​another promise that they would set up an occupation government in a week or two. Again, two weeks have passed and no occupation government has emerged. NATO’s mercenaries have announced that they now refer to an unspecified date the formation of a new government of occupation. This shows the reality on the ground, the NATO mercenaries are just criminals and thugs who are stubborn in pursuit of power. Trying to create a government of occupation, including such entities is impossible. Most of those who fight with NATO are former prisoners who were released to do the dirty work.
This is the reality on the ground. These people will always be turned against each other in the short to medium term, they will fight each other for the stolen wealth, because it is one of their characteristics.

Intense fighting in Tripoli. The Libyan defense came into the CIA headquarters

According to new reports, the Libyan defense took control of the CIA headquarters and was able to retrieve important documents and confidential. Many other strategic locations have been reclaimed by the forces of Libyan Elite operating in teams of 30.

These documents are crucial for future attacks and attacks against NATO and its mercenaries, they also reveal important information about the stay of the foreign aggressor, which is an important step in the progress of the resistance.

Other reports suggest that green flags were hoisted in different locations in Tripoli, residential houses have also raised the green flag despite the risk of retaliation.

The population of Tripoli became enraged when NATO Mercenaries tortured a Libyan innocent to death, just because he expressed his support for the Government of the Jamahariya, and his two brothers were then killed for putting the green flag on his grave.

Source: Angeeverse

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