Soros Funded Human Rights Watch: Another imperialist tool to mislead public opinion

By MKERone (co-founder of Coutnerpsyops)

Most of the people think that Human Rights Watch is a non-profit, 100% independent organization. They also think that its aim is to defend and protect the HUMANS. We mostly hear about this organization in war times.

But, the simple name of this organization is misleading ! Human Rights Watch. Really ?

A brief recap on HRW’s recent inglorious background

Their mission statement says the following : “Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. We stand with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom, to protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime, and to bring offenders to justice. We investigate and expose human rights violations and hold abusers accountable. We challenge governments and those who hold power to end abusive practices and respect international human rights law. We enlist the public and the international community to support the cause of human rights for all.”

They claim that they stand with the victims. Which victims do they stand with ? In an excellent article, Jonathan Aziziah explains the role this organization played against Iraq, and how it helped the Oil giants and corrupt politicians in justifying the Gulf War; by providing fake reports and voluntarily spreading wrong information. He also explains how this organization recently played against Syria to justify a possible future western intervention. In another article, he exposes the organization’s background and links with pro-zionist, eugenics theories lover, and Mahmoud Jibril’s main funder, George Soros. J.A also reminds us the role this organization played in spreading the Abu Salim hoax. We now know for sure that Abu Salim’s mainstream story was absolutely false and served to demonized Muammar Gaddafi. The only thing that could be found in Abu Salim prison are Camel bones.

Toni Cartalucci, a.k.a Land Destroyer, also wrote many pieces exposing Human Rights Watch continuous lies. You can check his website out for more information.

How HRW misleads public opinion

After 7 months of destruction in Libya, and tens of thousands of innocent civilians dead under NATO full of depleted uranium missiles, HRW comes up with an article warning of “Arbitrary arrests and Abuse of detainees”. Who are they kidding ? Where are their reports on residential areas being bombed ? Where are their reports on the use of depleted uranium against civilian population ? Where are their reports on NATO killing thousand of civilians when carpeting whole cities ? Where are their reports on ethnic cleansing of Black Africans (Massive information can be found on Black Africans being persecuted and lynched by the rebels – here’s another one ) ? We, at CounterPsyOps, couldn’t find any of those … Why doesn’t HRW file a lawsuit against Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama and other rulers who actively participated in the destruction of Libya ?

In its mission statement, HRW states ““we investigate human rights violation an hold abusers accountable” . If this was really the case, it would stand up against ALL abuses on human rights. Even those committed by the Western world.

Furthermore, we now have some reports filtering in mainstream media, talking about how some NGOs worried about the humanitarian crisis in Sirte and Beni Walid. Beware of the words being used. HUMANITARIAN CRISIS has been ongoing since day 1. Humanitarian crisis is when bombs fall from the sky on innocent civilians. By talking of humanitarian crisis ONLY about Sirte and Beni Walid, mainstream media make a very smart move in making all the rest of the atrocities committed appear as minor facts.

As in all other war zones, mainstream media, HRW and other deceitful NGOs talk about “Humanitarian Crisis” only when there are power shortages, food shortages, lack of water, etc… These are only some elements of what HUMANITARIAN CRISIS really is !

In the pursuit of legitimacy: belated and useless indictments 

I already know what some will reply to me. HRW is totally independent and has no link with politics, because it once said that George Bush should be prosecuted over torture. Indeed, they said that. But when did they say that ? In 2011 ! The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq started 10 years prior that and reports exposing torture by independent journalists and analysts started flowing since then. Did it really take 10 years to HRW to notice what was really going on in Afghanistan and Iraq ? In 2011, Bush was already out of office. What can be done against him now ? Not much anymore.

Plus, HRW talks about prosecuting him over “torture”. What about “Crimes against Humanity” ? This would make more sense when you know that more than a million and a half civilians died, that depleted uranium was used against civilian populations ( see the effects of it on Afghans and Iraqis new-born babies), along with cluster bombs and white phosphorus, the destruction of civil infrastructure and buildings (Roads, schools, hospitals, … ), the fact that those two countries were brought back to stone age, …

This is just another proof of whose interests HRW really serves, under cover of defending and protecting the “victims”.


Let me repeat my question, which victims do HRW stand with? They stand with fake victims. They actually stand with the criminals and help them justifying the use of bombs and heavy artillery to destroy sovereign nations and kill innocent people.

HRW enjoys a legitimacy given by corrupt mainstream media. Those who are willing to investigate a bit further than what they’re being told, can easily understand whose interests this organization serves.

4 comments on “Soros Funded Human Rights Watch: Another imperialist tool to mislead public opinion

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  4. I am horrified as to what the media has shown surrounding the captive Gadaffi. It sickens my being. Evil acts do only bring more evil. I listened to Patrick Timpone’s woman guest speaker online radio show the other night and she speaks of what you are saying here. Patrick can be found on Facebook too. The world needs to waken and choose a different path.

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