The death of Dr. Moussa Ibrahim rumor was made up to locate him and the Libyan leader

According to a source of the resistance Seven days news website, a correspondent of the agency from Benghazi explained that the NCT believes that the Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim is accompanied by the Libyan leader.

The rumor, which was launched yesterday by the NCT lies told by the media Elkhenzira, Elabriya … toured the world and was intended to push Ibrahim Moussa to call the El Raey TV which would allow NATO to locate the call in order to throw bombs from the sky and kill him and especially Kadhafi.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim remained silent waiting for the storm to pass but elhamdoulilah, the executive director of the El Raey TV could be reached and confirmed that Dr. Moussa Ibrahim is in excellent health.

Source: Algeria ISP

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