NATO Expansion of Libyan War to Algeria

The TNC is in utter chaos, and NATO´s ground offensive by Al Qaeda and Taliban mercenaries fail. Dr. Moussa Ibrahim is not captured. The adaptation of the Libyan defense strategy developed by Khamis Ghadafi, and the Libyan Governments strong alliance to Tuareg and other tribes expands the Libyan Defense Alliance theater of operations with a vast Saharan and Sub-Saharan “hinterland“. Yesterday nsnbc received intelligence reports stating that NATO is planning to expand it´s operations to Algeria. French Ambassador to Algeria Xavier Driencourt prepares emergency evacuation plans. The 82nd Airborne detachment at Ras Lanuf had heavy casualties. 

Ambassador Xavier Driencourt prepares emergency departure from Algiers

Late last night nsnbc received confirmed intelligence reports that French Ambassador to Algeria, his family and key staff are preparing for an emergency evacuation. The same intelligence source informed nsnbc that NATO is preparing for an expansion of it´s military campaign into Algeria. These reports were confirmed by nsnbc´s source inside Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, who not only confirmed that NATO is preparing for a ground campaign in Algeria, but that special operations units and units belonging to the 82nd Airborne have been on the ground in Algeria for “some time“. The reliability of nsnbc´s source was confirmed numerous times. latest, when we could report that the 82nd Airborne had detached to Ras Lanuf to secure Oil Refinery and pipeline installations. Last night the paratrooper detachment came under heavy attack and received heavy casualties. A C-130 Hercules transport and paratrooper plane was destroyed on the ground.

Burning Hercules C-130

Also other intelligence has long provided evidence that Algeria was targeted by NATO. On 19 September the U.S. State Department issued a warning to US citizens to avoid traveling to Algeria. Recent European Embassy chatter also indicates that both the U.S. and E.U. population is being psychologically prepared to accept an “Al Qaeda” threat from inside Algeria, which is amusing for any informed citizen who knows the links between NATO Intelligence and Al Qaeda.

Though nsnbc does not yet have any response from Algerian government sources, it is to be expected that the Algerian Government, which has very warm diplomatic relations to both the USA, Germany, the UK and France in spite of some occasional differences about how to handle the so called “war on terror”, is supportive of a NATO expansion of the conflict to Algerian territories. It is, however, doubtful that the Algerian population will be fond of NATO boots in Algeria.

After also the latest TNC disinformation that the Libyan governments spokesperson Dr. Moussa Ibrahim had been captured failed to deliver, he appeared on a radio broad casted telephone interview. The interview is found below this article. Dr. Moussa Ibrahim explained among other that the Libyan Governments Resistance is successful in carrying the battle to where ever the enemy is.

Muammar Ghadafi´s and the Libyan peoples ongoing revolution based on a direct participatory system of governance by the people and for the people, and Libya´s politics that has realized the importance of maintaining tribal traditions that have been tested for centuries rather than “forcing democracy” on Libya´s people is now rewarding Libya with the benefit of the respect and allegiance of the fiercely independent Tuareg tribes, which are prevalent throughout the Sahara region. It is this alliance, which may very well have forced NATO to open another front in Algeria, which will meet as fierce resistance from Tuareg tribes in Algeria as in Libya.

IN yesterday´s article “Syria and Integrity in International Diplomacy” a plausible Russian strategy of waiting for the Anglo American Empire to commit the same mistake that has led to most empires downfall, name to over stretch it´s forces, is exactly what is demonstrated by NATO´s plans to put boots on the ground in Algiers.

Abdelhakim Belhadj – Is he trying to grasp power while the TNC is in Chaos

Sirte, NATO / TNC rebels have heavy casualties. The ground assault against Sirte has lost momentum after the siege was broken yesterday.  The NATO /TNC forces at Bani Walid are in retreat. There are confirmed reports of heavy infighting between TNC forces in Misurata and Bengazi with numerous casualties. According to a reliable source an attempt to assassinate Abdelhakim Belhadj, which was predicted by nsnbc a while ago, was spoiled in the last minute. Tonight Abdelhakim Belhadj reportedly said about the ongoing infighting and the chaotic state of the dissolving TNC, that he is not taking orders from anyone, and he is prepared to defend his position in Tripoli. The problem is, NATO, that an alliance of opportunists only is coherent as long as there are opportunities. Why NATO´s Command believes an expansion of the conflict into Algeria would help the chaotic situation is not obvious, unless the strategy is to destabilize the entire region in an “Ordo Ab Chao” approach.

Source: Dr. Christof Lehmann (NSNBC)


3 comments on “NATO Expansion of Libyan War to Algeria

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  2. algeria is an independant country even the governement is selling all our oil and gaz but when it comes to ground ,we algerian people proud to be muslim will fight until the last drop of our blood and i promesse you and all the world that no any force in the world can beat algerian people in his ground.

  3. Europe and NATO have made a reckless and extraordinary mistake in sabotaging Libya’s peaceful and prosperous stability. Let us not forget that until David Cameron and Sarkozy launched this military aggression, Libya had been sleepy and peaceful for 40 years. Their people had no comprehension of violence or disunity. And now that tranquility is wrecked. Infrastructure has been demolished. Neighbors are organizing to stop Rebels (mostly returning from self exile overseas) from lynching their friends and family.and arbitrarily arresting loved ones. And this qualifies as a successful foreign policy?

    The ultimate irony is that NATO has brought Al Qaeda into Libya and forced it on peaceful people. And now they will exploit the excuse of Al Qaeda’s presence to attack the neighboring peaceful people of Algeria.

    In the coming weeks, let us never forget: It is always justified for a people anywhere to resist Occupation. The people of LIbya and Algeria are doing exactly what we should hope that we would do, if we are Real Patriots, to defend our own homelands.

    Quelle Domage!

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