Libya Storm on Sirte Failed TNC in Desperate Chaos

Yesterday NATO and TNC Mercenaries initiated the yet heaviest assault on the strategically and economically important city of Sirte, advancing into the suburbs of the city. After heavy fighting the attack was grinded to a halt this morning. Though heavy fighting continued in other cities the fronts were relatively calm, which indicates that the TNC is running low on reserves. Is the all out assault a desperate attempt to register one victory before the NATO Meeting in two days, Intelligence close to the TNC reports that the Transitional National Counsel is in utter chaos. This morning at a press conference, Abdelhakim Belhadj “pleaded” to the population in Tripoli to help establish “stability, law and order” and give back their arms to the Tripoli Military Counsel.        by Dr. Christof Lehmann

In two days, on 6 October, NATO leaders will meet to discuss how they are going to proceed with their modern, North African Vietnam. While the situation in Southern Libya is relatively stable, and heavy fighting continued inside Bengazi and other northern cities, as reported yesterday, the situation was relatively calm. In Bengazi, which is liberated with the exception of the city center where TNC Fighters are heavily entrenched, a group of Tribal Elders promised undying vengeance after reviewing video evidence of over 200 murders committed by the TNC´s Al Qaeda troops.

It seems as if the TNC had yesterday concentrated all available troops in the all out assault on Sirte. Under the cover of heavy and light artillery barrages from land and sea, as well as under the cover of air support, the TNC fighters were approaching towards forward positions, capturing some of the suburbs of Sirte, paying the price of heavy casualties. How volatile the situation is for the TNC fighters became clear when the rebel commander, who newly replaced another rebel commander who had fallen into an ambush, was killed by a special operation of the Libyan Military tonight. In spite of a heavy investment in manpower and material, this morning the assault on Sirte has grinded into a halt, and the attacking TNC troops have made themselves massively available as targets for special operations from Libyan Military, Tribal Militia and other Allied Forces from throughout North Africa.

French Blowback – French Mines Destroy 35 NATO Vehicles

According to a Russian Intelligence Operative who is observing the situation in Libya closely, yesterday warriors of the Tuareg tribe gave a demonstration of their special desert warfare skills. The Russian Intelligence source revealed toStalinist Live Journal, that intercepted NATO communications revealed that two AV-8B Harrier II and two Eurofighter jets from the Italian Carrier Garibaldi Guiseppe were searching in vain for the cause of the destruction of 35 tanks and armored personnel carriers. The destruction of the targets with 5 minutes interval was interpreted as a sign of an attack from the air, though no radar nor infrared signatures could be found. A close inspection of the destroyed vehicles revealed the remains of French made anti tank mines, which according to the same intelligence source had been placed under the vehicles by Tuareg warriors, who are experts in desert stealth guerrilla warfare.

Tonight nsnbc received intelligence that what remains of the TNC after 90% of it´s members left remains in utter chaos. The Libyan Youth movement, which recently declared war on the TNC has begun an assassination campaign of persons cooperating with the TNC and Abdelhakim Belhadj´s Tripoli Military Counsel aka Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Yesterday a judge, responsible for harsh sentences against captured military officers loyal to the legitimate Libyan Government was murdered in his home. The home of the judge is in one of the “safest” most heavily guarded districts of Tripoli, only a few hundred meters away from the Royal Danish Embassy.

At a press conference this morning, Abdelhakim Belhadj was pleading to the residents of Tripoli to surrender their weapons so the Tripoli Military Counsel aka Libyan Islamic Fighting Group could establish “law and order” as the basis for taking steps towards building democratic institutions. Desperate words, considering that it is not long ago that the TNC promised ” Democracy Within 20 Month´s “. With overwhelming likelihood his words will also be in vain, considering the precedence of “law and order” a la Belhadj the population has experienced. With over 90 % of the Libyan people opposed to the illegal occupation of their country, and increased military support from throughout Northern Africa, the best chance for establishing law and order would be for Belhadj, Jalil, Jibril and NATO to leave Libya. As to Syria, the establishment and massive backing up of the Syrian National Counsel after the last months of insurgency, sanctions and NATO backed unconventional warfare must raise red flags about where NATO´s next attacks are planned.

Source: NSNSBC

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  1. NATO must immediately fly to New York and bomb Wall Street – then White house in Washington – because the 99% of americans want CHANGE –NOOOW

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