NATO’s Grand Plan of Destabilization in Libya

By Patrick Henningsen

The major mainstream media networks like CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera have been busy flooding the world’s TV sets and internet with the confabulation that NATO and its Libyan Rebels have already won their war in Libya, and that the country’s newly crowned  Trans National Council(TNC) is a stable governing body, but the truth on the ground is something altogether different.

Resistance from Pro-Gaddafi forces still rages on across multiple fronts including the towns of Bani Walid, Sirte and Ghat.

There are reports that Libya is experiencing little liberation as green flags have been reported to be flying in places throughout the country expressing their support for Gaddafi’s government, as blocs of citizens in Libya are rejecting the TNC and NATO. Libyans are figuring out already that their new liberators are responsible for killing thousands of innocents, as well as other untold brutal crimes of violence and retribution on the part of NATO and its Rebel confederation of al-Qaeda mercenary fighters.

As the world has already witnessed with Iraq and Afghanistan, a US-led NATO intervention has three phases: regime change, occupation, followed by a protracted period of destabilization. The last phase is crucial in order to justify a long-range or permanent military presence in the region. For history scholars, this is just the latest 21st century war that was waged against innocent people under false pretenses.

Putting aside plans to privatize Libya’s wealth of resources, namely, its oil reserves, its internal water network, and banking, gold reserves, the US and its allies have long aspired to erect a beachhead in Africa, specifically North Africa- a strategic string-board to stage operations and exert its influence throughout the greater region. Those goals and plans are clearly visible through AFRICOM.

Now the stage is set for a Falluja-style military siege of Sirte, where pro-Gaddafi forces continue to hold-off the Rebel paramilitary army. As NATO and its proxy TNC are calling for civilians to leave the city in preparation for an all out air and ground bombardment of Sirte, the world can only brace itself for a large death toll, another exodus from a city which would mean a huge humanitarian disaster there.

Russia Today Reports: Libya’s interim leaders claim they will not stay in power once the last Gaddafi strongholds are defeated. But Patrick Henningsen, a managing editor of the 21st Century Wire news site, believes that the interim government will stay on long after that.

“To have an indication of what the future is going to look like, all you have to do is look over to Egypt,” he said. “The military government is still in power, and will be in power for some time.”

Nevertheless, Henningsen says there is a huge power struggle within the Transitional National Council.

“These rebels are basically fighting for whatever piece of the pie they can get,” he said. “They do not know for how long they are going to be in power. So they are trying to solidify their own personal interests, while they have not even won the war yet.” 

NATO has vowed not to end operations in Libya until civilians are no longer in danger. With thousands fleeing Sirte and Bani Walid because of shelling and water shortages, Henningsen believes the operation will continue until Gaddafi’s last strongholds are emptied of civilians and razed to the ground.

“What they are doing with Sirte is much like it was with Fallujah [in Iraq] – they are trying to empty the city, so that there is only a military presence left, now ‘insurgent’ presence,” he said. “And then they are going to carpet bomb it or just shell it for a week or two, until there is nothing left but a pile of dust.”

Henningsen argued that for now, the West’s main idea seems to be: “It is not stable yet [in Libya]. When stability comes, we will give you democracy.”

But Libya has little chance of growing into a full democratic state, Henningsen says, because the “seeds” planted by NATO’s support for the rebels were not exactly democratic.

“Essentially, NATO has given air cover and military cover to a rebel faction that was not chosen or elected by the people,” he said. “They don’t have a mandate. What we will have, I think, is protracted power struggle, a tribal backlash which is going to occur in Libya as a result of this war.” 

He believes that the West is just carving up Libya, and the only stability it is really interested in is if it is stable enough for Western companies to come in and sign profitable contracts.

Source: InfoWars

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