Only in Syria … (By Sadeq Khanafer)

Ridiculously, the “Syrian” uprising is not sectarian, but still they hold up slogans such as “Alawites to coffins…Christians to Beirut,” “Muslims and Christians tread on Alawites…” and “Out loud we say, not one Alawite we want to see,” or “O! Alawite, O! Pagan! We will open a grave for you!”… but they say their uprising is not sectarian!

Preposterously, their “revolution” is national and not linked to any foreign conspiring party, yet one will hear them say slogans such as, “O! Israel! We sacrifice our Souls and Blood for you!” or “Bandar, Bandar, Hariri …, We Want Al-Jazeera,” and more slogans like, “No Iran or Hezbollah, We Want One That Fears God!” Are not those the ones who tweet and call out for the American intervention and involvement on their so-called “uprising”?

Idiotically, they claim their “uprising” is peaceful, yet their “sheikhs” have declared “Jihad” against their Syrian army and their internal security forces and against whoever disagrees with them. Are not they the ones who slaughtered the officers and the privates along with their families, maimed, and mutilated the corpses in application for their sectarian slogans? Are not they who snipe their own citizens from the tops of the minarets using American sniper rifles?

Only in Syria…
The “sheikhs” of dissension  took the profession of “Ifta ̉” (religious final judgmental science ruling on all sorts of life matters that become obligatory.) and theorizing for it setting the sectarian haughtiness at fire, but never to reform or defend the interests and the rights of their citizens as they claim. How paradoxical they are! The “fatwa’s” ink (the individual judgments issued by the “Mufti” sheikhs.) has not yet dried up regarding the rejection for demonstrations and the revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and other countries! How could this happen and they were proud about having printed out five million copies of their “fatwa’s” prohibiting demonstrations for being a breaching sin in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.

How could they goaded and spurred in their fanatic sectarian speeches for the killing of all the Alawites, displacement of the Christians out of Syria, ridding of the Ishmaelites, the Druze , and the Sufis. Here came “sheikh” Saleh Al-Luhaidan with his “fatwa” allowing to rid of one third of the Syrian nation in order to relieve two thirds of it, while he ruled that demonstrating in Saudi Arabia and other countries was a sinful breach because it would cause disorder and ruin both private and public property. Was not ruling against demonstrating in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Tunisia, and Egypt a form of support for the moderate regimes that opted to surrender? It was an act in the core of politics that served “Israel,” and had to do neither with religion nor with the religious vision! Otherwise, how could their spurring, provocations, and invitations for demonstrations up at their media podiums in addition to their satellite televisions be explained when it came to Syria and only Syria?

How could the uprising be a “revolution” in Syria while it is considered “a security disorder” in Bahrain that calls for the Arab Peninsula forces and its shield intervention?
The fag ends of the blaspheming groups have offered the grace of Heaven when they disclosed a wicked conspiracy against Syria. It became clear when they instrumentally chose violence, slaughtering, devastating property, and they used the sectarian style to address other citizens, a step which made Syria retrieve its vitality and power and encounter that conspiracy with absolute forcefulness.

Only in Syria..
Laughably, the head of Al-Qaeda Ayman Al-Zawahri and upon “the tenth anniversary of 9/11” accuses the Syrian regime of committing “ugly crimes” against its people. In addition, he calls the Syrians to continue their uprising until it is toppled down. An Arab native may wonder: How could Al-Zawahri’s stance be harmonious with the Western countries’ stance that if they decide to support an Arabian “cause,” they must be supporting that “cause” for their own benefit and for Israel’s interests next to theirs or rather making Israel’s interests on top of theirs, but never as a favor for the Arabs?

Only in Syria…
Certain Arabian and foreign satellite televisions spur and lie and distort facts in the ugliest manner one could imagine based on “Lie and lie till people believe you.” Miracles occur on those so-called “professional” satellite televisions. Eye witnessing must have the final say, yet one finds observers here and observers there, ―none of them located in Syria― provide you with the latest casualties for confrontations in Syria for any day! However, they never mention any internal security or military martyrs whose coffins we see every day in the Syrian media.

The observers do not possess any information about the slaughtering of the security, and if they do, they classify that under “The regime killed them because they refused the orders to fire at the civilians.” It seems that those satellite TV’s have taught viewers for years to scrutinize and to double check on the sources of news; as a result, those viewers now have passed the test while the deceivers have failed.

Only about Syria, one can view an analysis by “a prominent Arab thinker” on a prominent Arab satellite TV contradicting himself tens of times and subsequently submits to the disclosed policies of that satellite TV. The interviewer asks “the Arab thinker” about the fears rising from the scenario of Hama, and he says it is impossible in the presence of media stations and high technical instruments … Naturally, that answer did not appeal to the lady interviewing him and she proceeds to irritatedly say, “But Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned of a new Hama.” At last, that “thinker” realizes her message and proceeds saying,” Yes, the mentality that was present in Hama is still there and still more, there are more killings than those that happened in Hama…”

The same goading channels assure the demonstrating massive marches heading for both Abbasid and Omayyad Squares in Damascus. Simultaneously, you change the channel to the live broadcasting the Syrian satellite TV airing from the same two squares and the roads leading to them both, and they prove that the situation there is very normal. However, the goading channels insist on their lying, because if they back up, they are going to speed up their bankruptcy before their viewers.

Only in Syria…
Of the so-called, “the national Arabian Revolution” one will find slogans such as “O! Could I Sacrifice my Blood for You, Israel?” In addition, one of the leading figures of this “revolution” abroad is Farid Al-Ghadiri who visited Israel in 2007, was a guest at the Knesset, and took a tour in several cities one of which was Haifa. Then, he was blamed by the Arab Parliamentary members of the Knesset for his wrongdoing. Here he comes today to announce that” One day the Israeli flag will be hoisted in Damascus, because the Syrian nation is peaceful, good, and cannot hold hatred; however, Bashar Al-Assad has imposed on the people aversion, fighting, and enmity.” The dissident who lives in Washington discloses that a part of the Lebanese intelligence support the antis because of their conviction that a departing Assad will be in their country’s interest. He also requests the international community to intervene and stand by the Syrian people… He rather prophesies the targets…”Twenty missiles at twenty intelligence buildings in Syria, the regime would collapse.” On the margin, it is advisable never to bet on the same horse that March 14 bets on, because July 2006 War and the tea serving in Marj Ouyoun is the best evidence.

Only in Syria…
As a reminder apart from their “peaceful, national, and non-sectarian revolution, only in Syria one can buy a historically subsidized parcel of bread for 15 Syrian Liras (US 30 cents) while the production cost of this amount is34 S.L. even at the worst times.

Only in Syria…
The Syrian state and the regime have passed reformation bills some of which for instance is the Bill for Parties, and the Bill for Media, the Bill for Elections, and the Bill for Local Governances. They also passed more than one general pardon in addition to many other reformations at a fast pace towards democracy. What a ridiculous fate this regime has when other regimes invite President Assad to listen to his people and they request freedom and democracy of him; they still reached the point of asking him to step down and conduct early elections of which they themselves never comprehend anything. Still they request constitution amendments while if any person in their countries utters the word “constitution,” he is going to be jailed with an accusation of heresy.

Only in Syria, one can buy one liter of diesel oil for 15 S.L. while its production cost is 40 S.L.. Moreover, who can buy a schoolbook for 15 S.L. when its production cost is 45 S.L.? Still, only in Syria, one can get any hospitalization free even if a surgery is needed. Yes, only in Syria, income tax is 5% with an exclusion of those with a low basic. Only in Syria, one can have his children join schooling from primary grades all the way through university graduation at a cost equivalent for one-year tuition fees at one of the universities in neighboring countries.

Only in Syria, foreign debts on the state treasury are 0%. Only in Syria, there has been a shift from the socialist economy system to the free market system, yet still the Syrian Pound rate against other currencies was constant and steady. Only in Syria, there are more than one million Palestinians with absolute citizenship privileges equal to the native Syrian citizens with no discrimination whatsoever. Only in Syria, two million Iraqis took Syria as refuge during the invasion, yet none of them resided in a refugee’s tent. Only in Syria, one can walk into a restaurant and find Mr. President along with the First Lady sitting at a table adjacent to yours. Finally yet importantly, only in Syria, one can find Shiites married to Alawites whose mothers are Sunnis with Christian brothers-in-law and Kurdish aunts and so forth. Only in Syria!

Source: Al Manar

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