NATO Rebels Blown in Southern Sirte and Updates October 5th


According to new reports Libyans lured NATO Mercenaries towards a roadside bomb by raising a white flag, destroying three Mercenary vehicles and its occupants in the trap. Fighting continues in Southern Sirte therefore it is hard to get more information from sources connected with Libyan Defense Forces.

Bani Walid
This comes as Libyans in Bani Walid are attacking NATO check points in North Eastern Roads which leads to Sirte.

Intense fighting has also been reported in the coastal town of Zuara. Most NATO Mercenaries have left the town of Zuara to attack Sirte therefore making the town a favored pick for liberation.

At the same time, Libya’s largest oil field refinery has been destroyed by the Libyan Defense Forces in an attempt to stop foreign aggressors from leaching and plundering Libyan resources. Libyan Jamahariya Government said that they will rebuild the refinery once Libya has been liberated from NATO and its Mercenaries.

More reports of fighting in Tripoli, Libyan Defense Forces attacked NATO Mercenaries. The rogue Libyan Defense forces used NATO Mercenary flags to cause huge confusion among the enemy.

(source: Ozyism)

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