The News Of Libya: October 7th (09h00)

Launch of Martyrs operations in Libya

 The website of the Libyan resistance, Zengtena, reported that in the city of Hrawi , the resistance fighters blew up a weapons stockpile located downtown and have successfully completed the capture of rebel leader Mokadem Bani Salem .

A daring operation was performed successfully by a group of Libyan resistance with 5 fedayyen of the Taqrvat group. They entered a rebel camp and have dropped bombs.  Gentlemen Bokhozam Elkabas, Adnan Alam, Hoceine Farjani Ahmed Lamloum Maneam Garbani have given their lives for the love of Allah, their people and their country, so that their brothers and sisters can live in freedom and dignity  (may Allah accept their sacrifice and give them the highest levels of Paradise, El Firdaus. Amine). Five Martyrs blew up the rebel camp, killing 43 and destroying 14 tanks plus a fully equipped combat helicopter and armed.

The Mujahideen have carried out anambush succesfully on the road to a supply convoy for the rebels. A tanker truck and a vehicle loaded with ammunition were destroyed. They also strafed a bus carrying new rebel recruits, before retiring, leaving behind many dead and wounded rebels who were inside the vehicle.

The freedom fighters have made ​​a sweep on the road from the waterfront and between Khomsa Kaem . They killed 13 insurgents who were guarding a roadblock.

In Zawiya , shootings on the coastal road leading to El Fassi are reported.

In Sirte fifty rebels were killed and hundreds more injured when thousands of rebels, backed by NATO planes, attempted a breakthrough within the city and the Libyan resistance fighters welcomed them with mortar fire.

Still in Sirte, a brother of the resistance moved towards the rebels disguised as them, he has opened his arms wide in  as a welcome sign and when he approached them enough, he turned his belt of explosives which killed them instantly (may Allah approve his martyrdom and give the best rewardsto him). Fifteen minutes later, the brothers of strength attacked the remaining rebels with small arms and rocket launches. They have killed fifty, a hundred wounded and seized four tanks. The NATO planes keep flying over the city at low altitude bombing civilian population randomly.

The Tuaregs  were delivered new anti-personnel mines. These explosives are fitted with thermal detonator and can destroy tanks. A single mine can cover an area of one square kilometer and spray enemy’s material.

In Bani Walid ,  a cameraman working for the channel of mental manipulation of criminal Qatar who has done everything possible to initiate and maintain this terrible war against the noble people of Libya, was injured while trying to get closer to Bani Walid. He had the idea to walk in front of the lens of a sniper at the wrong time. A single bullet was shot in the right hand. He was lucky not to have been killed despite the seriousness of his crime against the peaceful innocent people of the Jamahiriya.

By Hassan Alliby 

Source: AngeeVerse

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