Al Jazeera prepares fake images of Syria (Just as it did for Libya)

Syrian television broadcasted a special program with Thierry Meyssan on October the 6th. The president of the Voltaire Network shared what he has learned from his experience in Libya.

During the interview, Thierry Meyssan recalled that he had announced on the construction by Al-Jazeera of a studio in Doha (Qatar) reproducing the Green Square and Bab el-Azizia. The announcement was severely criticized by the mainstream press who saw proof “of anti-Americanism “.

Yet from the beginning of the Battle of Tripoli, Al-Jazeera broadcasted images of propaganda tours in the studio to make it appear that the rebels had entered the city, while it was still under the NATO bombing . It was to break the morale of Libyans into thinking that all was lost.Subsequently, the head of the National Transition Council, Abdul Jalil Mustafa, admitted the facts and presented them as a ruse of war.

On Syrian television, Thierry Meyssan revealed that Al-Jazeera just created sets (copies of) of the Umayyads and the Abbasids squares (Damascus). The channel also intends to reproduce the central squares of four provincial towns. Qatar provides significant military effort in Western military action against Syria.

Source: Réseau Voltaire

4 comments on “Al Jazeera prepares fake images of Syria (Just as it did for Libya)

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