According to new reports, Libyan Defense Forces in Sirte easily managed to pierce through the Southern front lines, killing 30 NATO Mercenaries in the process, and unknown injured.

Many reports show that Libyan Defense Forces have been pushing forward and then pulling back, a strategy which has worked perfectly against Mercenaries.

Libyan Defense Forces push Mercenaries back from front lines killing many in the process, then traps are set and a pull back operation takes place. In each wave of pushing forward and pulling back, NATO Mercenaries receive heavy casualties and will have a long term demoralization effect.

Every time Libyan Defense Forces pull back and let Mercenaries fall in the traps, NATO propaganda claims victory, this has been the case for some days now.

This comes while the new Capital of Libya has been named Bani Walid until Libya is liberated from NATO. Also a new flag has been produced until complete liberation, it is still Green, but has “Allahu Akbar” written in the middle. “Allahu Akbar” means “GOD is Great”.

(source: Ozyism)


  1. It is all too apparent that these mercenaries aren’t even military men, like contractors elsewhere. They are wretched guys even from countries as far away as Afghanistan and Pakistan, but most from Egypt, lured into battle by NATO, which promises them a fist of dollars, and uses them as cannon fodder without minding too much about the casualties. This is another NATO crime against poor people who seek to escape abject poverty by prostituting their arms to kill fellow Muslims. Should they find out they are marching to their graveyard, they would reject to be bought in the first place, and NATO would have to send their own soldiers, provoking an apposition movement at home…

  2. We are beginning to see that somehow, the failures of NATO in breaking the “will” of the legitimate Green Libyan forces of the Jamhiriya and its rightful peoples in places like Sirte and Bani Walid, despite NATO’s “shock and awe” campaigns from the skies.

    The “will power” of the rightful Jamahiriya will see them through, this is why NATO are extending their heartless bombing campaign for another three months just to see if they can break the “will power.” But all they have done is created more anger and hatred from the very people they are supposed to protect.

    Have more faith that NATO have already failed in their goals to take Libya in a month, it is now eight months later and nothing gained, but more murders and more destruction – that is how DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND NATO really are – they do not know how to communicate let alone relate, but to make threats militarily and to try and control the resources that does not belong to them.

    They underestimated the “will power” of the Jamahiriya. Furthermore, they underestimated the military intelligence of the one and only Colonel Mu’ommar Qaddafi NATO is failing against this “will power.” And that is more than what the world can offer the legitimate Libyan people.

  3. Historically, Libyans are some of the most ferociously independent peoples on the planet. Many Europeans wrongly perceive the Libyan people as somehow less sophisticated. However they are extremely intelligent and knowledgeable of the significance of their geographic & proud of their history dating back to Greco-Roman times. Diplomats I know spoke 5 languages, often. And they were deeply suspicious of any western interference or influence in their internal affairs. They’re not the slightest bit impressed by us.

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