NATO mercenaries running in death traps as if they are on drugs

Updates from Libya Liberal Youth

NATO Mercenaries tried to attack Sirte from the east with around 400 men. Libyan Defense Forces didn’t attack because that would reveal their position, instead let them advance. At least 60 NATO Mercenaries were killed in close combat fighting, the rest fled and scattered quickly in the desert. Libyan Defense Forces have gathered the IDs of the deceased Mercenaries for identification purposes and to inform their families regarding their grave locations.
NATO Mercenaries also tried to attack from the West of Sirte, after intense clashes at least 19 Mercenary bodies have been found yesterday.

Bani Walid
After receiving too many defeats in Bani Walid, NATO has stopped its attempts to invade the town indefinitely.

Libyan Defense Forces and Volunteers have collected abandoned Mercenary bodies from the outskirts of the town and have contacted their families to collect them.

West Libya
Elders from Zintan , al Jalat, and Surman have gathered and called the tribes of the West to form coalition against NATO Mercenaries and the Tamazigh collaborators (this is a response against the Mercenary terrorism in Western Libya.. Reports of looting, murdering and raping has forced these Tribes to rethink their positions and allegiance).

Source: Ozyism

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