One comment on “Mere Protest is for Wimps; Revolutionaries Are Into Taking Power (How Occupy Wall Street Can Create a General Strike to Dump Obama)

  1. No mention of LaRouche or Glass-Steagall in Tarpley’s response? He very well knows that what he said is not true. Glass-Steagall reinstatement with passage of HR-1489 would wipe out tens of trillions of Wall St. debt and create the firewall between the people and the blood sucking bankers in the City of London and Wall St. He is right about Obama. Impeachment of Obama must precede any reforms. Otherwise it won’t work. The system is crashing now. The crash of the trans-Atlantic system will take the U.S. down with it without Glass-Steagall. With GS, we can rescue the United States economy by following up Obama’s ouster and passage of GS, with a new Constitutional credit system. Credit with which we can build our way out of depression collapse by restoring our commitment to build capital intensive projects such as the NAWAPA (North American Water And Power Alliance), high speed railroads, to include Mag-Lev. New nuclear energy plant construction drawing from the safe and efficient Modular High Temperature Gas Reactor (HTGR) systems. In a post Obama world we can go forward toward a new orientation away from the dying trans-Atlantic system to a new trans-Pacific Alliance that has been called for by political leader and American economist, Lyndon H. LaRouche. The people of nations are ready for it. From Spain to NYC, in one form or another, they are demanding it with gusto. The mass strike is spreading and can be defined in this way.

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