The News of Libya: October the 11th

The lesson of Afghanistan hasn’t been learned. Many English came into resistance by asking authorities in their country to withdraw its troops from there. In France, we must take citizens out of their lethargic state of mind. The lesson from Iraq, too, was rejected. In the words of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe: “NATO is a terrorist organization”. There are fools in Europe. Fools who refuse and reject the truth, fools who defy international law. ” He is right.

The Libyan invasion of NATO declined in revolution and its attendant deaths does not seem to be a lesson. Predators who set fire around the world only for their comfort. What is Africa to theem? Nothing, apparently. NATO, weighed down by abysmal losses, is trying to survive through terror, but against a proud people, bombs, tanks and missiles are nothing.  After nearly 62 000 deaths, according to current estimates, it is still necessary to kill 50 000 Libyans for the Benghazi renegades to take over Libya. Comprehensive program, if any.

After successfully completing their international presence, pacifying Libya is the hardest. After seven months of “revolution,” setting as dreamed, is about to escape the terrorists, mercenaries of CNT / NATO.

Bani Walid : CNT terrorists are angry.  NATO, too.  Discord amongst them.  The former accuse the latter not to cover them.  In fact, surpassed at the airport while they were celebrating its take over by beating the … portraits of Muammar Gaddafi, they were picked up from cold.  As they fled, they left everything on site …

Tripoli : 200 to 300 Islamists have tried to make a coup by attacking a mosque. False, they were loyalists and patriots who went into action to mark their presence, the struggle in the heart of Tripoli and led by men of Khamis al-Gaddafi. While the TNC will be quick to declare Libya released according to the canons of their propaganda, these events clearly show that  TNC does not control the field. Gunfires are heard locally, while insecurity is almost constant. A new weapon warehouse was destroyed. Incidentally, the renegades stole everything in the museum of Tripoli. Libyans, them?

Sirte : while Al Jazeera was preparing a staging of the storming of the city, the resistance has prevented it from happening. Unlike the claimed figures, over 200 renegades were killed and over 300 seriously injured. Thus, while the Red Cross evacuated the last 100 patients remaining in hospital Ibn Sina of Sirte, the mercenaries of the TNC abducted Filipino nurses – who were hiding in the basement of the hospital – to treat their wounded on the field, at the western entrance of the city. Fighting continues and the famous final battle looks like a trickle, despite the deadly bombing of NATO, which continues even in mosques. More than 70 civilians were killed this way …

Ben Jawad : the small town of 10,000 inhabitants which is also part of the District of Sirte was cleaned. 60 were killed and 30 taken into custody. The others fled, now heading to Misrata.

Libya will not be easily taken, and the fight has just begun!

Free Translation / Source: Allain Jules

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