After 9/11 Anniversary, Is Lebanon Going to Be Theater for New US Tragedy? (2/2)

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In Part one of this report, we uncovered how the U.S.A. was able to infiltrate our region to break it down under the pretext of 9/11, and how it exploited the assassination of PM Hariri and other Christian March 14 figures to press on and subdue Syria. We also discussed the secret war Beirut is experiencing today, which resembles the pre-1975 civil war period and the levels of the American and Western security operations in the region and the side that benefits from them.

In the end of Part One, I went through “the Jasmine Revolution” that was plotted for Syria in 2005-2006, and how the American scheme changed after the legendary withstanding held up by Syria and the resistance axis.

How Does the U.S. Get Rid of Its Allies?

In the second part, we will touch on how the U.S. rids of its allies. Lately, it has been witnessed how Washington rid of the most important figure that used to provide the U.S. with the logistic and the political support in the Arab region, namely Hosni Mubarak whom the U.S. had brought to the presidency after the assassination of Anwar Sadat, the man who had offered historical services to the American project. However, once expired, he was replaced by Mubarak who had been installed Vice President six months before Sadat’s demise. Mubarak was being prepared to take over as Sadat was not going to retire. Ever since he became president until the day he was toppled, the US had used Hosni Mubarak and Egypt to protect the Zionist entity and to secure the continuity of its project in the region under an Arab cover up.

In this context, Director of Al-Istishariyya (The Consultancy) for Strategic Studies Dr. Imad Rizk says that the CIA had nicknamed Mubarak “The Bag Man” because they knew he was a man who sought money and that his regime was corrupt and they exploited this weak point.

These words are not mine but they are the words of two retired CIA officers namely Edwin Wilson and Thomas Clines who used to carry huge amounts of money to the ousted Egyptian president over a long period in return for carrying out their projects. It can be considered that most corrupt and dictatorial regimes in the Arab region have come to power as a result of mutual understandings with the U.S. and to serve its project. Those regimes have been dealing with the intelligence group that used to communicate with them and carry money and services for them. Nevertheless, once they become of no use, they get eliminated or replaced.”

According to Dr. Rizk, there are three levels to change an authority, “Either with the support of the opposition and by pressing the targeted individual to resign, the preparation for a military coup d’état similar to what has happened in more than one country, or by preparing and nurturing a revolution through the American intelligence agencies.

Therefore, it is necessary to take heed unto what is going on nowadays in the region. For instance, after Gaddafi was toppled down, we heard how the Transitional Council members in Libya were accused of being affiliated with Al-Qaeda and how they were arrested by the CIA. Also, we heard how they were installed to control the transitional phase in Libya when it needed them. Besides, when Gaddafi escaped under cover, rumors that he had been working for the American and the British intelligence were spread around. These are mere intelligence gimmicks used by Western agencies to distort an image on the one hand and to realize their goals on the other hand.”

If we step back in this reading, we can tackle the two bids on former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s life at the hands of “Pakistan Taliban,” and upon the failure of both attempts, Dr. Rizk continues, “We saw how the CIA encouraged Benazir Bhutto to return from the United Arab Emirates to Pakistan. They also prepared a triumphant reception for her and made of her the most powerful person in Pakistan. Simultaneously, they were preparing for Musharraf’s physical assassination after destroying him morally. Later, the CIA used Pakistan Taliban to assassinate Bhutto when change occurred in Pakistan with the coming of someone who’s completely submissive to the American project. A little later, Pakistan-Taliban’s leader was chased down and killed as he was accused of having been communicating with the CIA.”

Dr. Rizk adds, “Getting rid of Pervez Musharraf resulted from his decline to comply with all the terms imposed on him, and thus his inability to execute all the wants of the Americans vis-à-vis Afghanistan or expanding toward India to drive back the Chinese influence from the region. Simultaneously, the U.S. shifted to India and tried to lure it into signing strategic counter-terrorism agreements; after that, the New Delhi bombings took place and the U.S. pressured India to provoke a confrontation with Pakistan and leaked news that the Pakistani intelligence was involved in the bombings for this purpose. Washington’s objective was to create confusion and discord between India and Pakistan so that to prevent them from establishing good relations or prevailing peace in the region.”

All this series which lasted for ten years was plotted and produced by the CIA in cooperation with the Mossad and other Western intelligence belonging to the NATO.

This was to serve the economic Western projects and corporate groups through which they control the world. Not only are the vast majority of Arab rules characterized as being submissive dictators who firmly stick to power, Indonesian President Suharto is yet another example of the US involvement. He rules Indonesia for 33 years with US collusion and coordination. When Washington decided to abandon him, he was informed on the 20th of May, 1998 and 24 hours later, he handed over power to his deputy.

This restrictively indicates the extreme influence of the American and the Western systems that they completely eliminate whoever does not comply with their desires. Till today, the U.S. gives no heed to the successors of its agents because it believes that that it can press and rearrange cards after the creative chaos it spreads through anarchy, coup d’état, or backing oppositions.

A New Wave of Bombings … Is the CIA going to be the Next Target?

It is crystal clear that the stage that Lebanon had witnessed between 1981 and 1987 in terms of targeting the resistance and successive bombing attempts, including the bid on late Ayatollah Sayyed Mohamad Hussein Fadlallah, which resulted in hundreds of casualties, were schemed and executed by US intelligence services, and surprisingly funded by Saudi Arabia. Many Arab countries are living the same phase today under the cover up of “revolutions” which are later distorted.

Dr. Rizk says,”It is strange how the foreign intelligence could not learn the lessons they went through. Part of the aim of the U.S. embassy bombing in Beirut in 1983 was to assassinate the Director of the CIA in the Middle East, and consequently the CIA was dealt a severe blow at that time. In 2010, the CIA again suffered significant losses in Afghanistan when a double agent blew himself up killing seven of the most important intelligence experts in the region. What happened was one of the most immense losses in the history of the US intelligence.”

“The first loss was in Beirut in 1983, and the second was in khost in Afghanistan, I believe the third time the U.S. and the CIA are going to suffer even bigger losses in the ranks of its agents and experts, should they continue with their modus operandi. The US and its intelligence services know very well that, this time, they will not emerge victorious, but the peoples and the true and honest options will. Therefore, the U.S. has to review its policies in the region and understand that not all people can be dealt with as executors of its policies, but it must respect the choices of the nations, their goals, and their ambitions,” Dr. Rizk adds.

Therefore, proceeding with targeting Syria in light of the hopes Russia and China have set on President Bashar Assad in specific, and on the relation between Damascus, Tehran, and the Lebanese resistance in encountering the American project in the region will put the international forces on a collision course to fulfill their objectives. “If they fail to carry them out with the least losses, they will use the security technique.”

Bombings Begin in October

Till the end of the month of Ramadan, the media style and the psychological warfare have been primary factors to accomplish the goals, but after the failure of this plot, Dr. Rizk assures that “the U.S. and its allies have shifted to executing assassinations because of their inability to accomplish their goals in the region. As a result, special groups affiliated with US, British, and French security apparatuses have been able to infiltrate into Lebanon and Syria, and will execute bombings and assassinations against leaders and military figures in Syria, and maybe this wave could spread to Beirut and Baghdad. We may witness security events by the beginning of October. I think the pressures practiced today and the failure of talks among several international powers is going to cause tension that is going to produce security engagement and secret wars that will be fatal for the American project in the region.”

The current situation in the region is not going to remain as it is. What we are talking about is much bigger than Lebanon; it is a gigantic international and regional confrontation. For when the U.S. speaks about deploying a missile shield system in Turkey, and then Russia firmly objects saying “this is prohibited”, we can rest assured that matters are heading towards confrontation because “the language of prohibition” in the international context has disastrous consequences. If Russia had entered the warm waters after 200 years of warring with the Ottoman Empire and then engaged in a cold war with the U.S., it is not going to give up its stature and its allies. In addition, Russia is not going to give up the main Silk Road towards China. These factors indicate that China and Russia are not going to give up supporting the axis of confrontation and resistance. Therefore, the possibility that the West and the CIA target this axis is likely, and the information confirms that preparations are underway for this wave to synchronize with the withdrawal from Iraq and the replacement of the military forces with secret security forces to carry out such operations.

Therefore, “the war of secret intelligence services” is going to formally commence in October even though small experimental bombings had already begun a few weeks ago. The battlefield will be the Mediterranean from Lebanon across Syria to Iraq. The phase is going to be hard and extremely dangerous at the security level, however, the choice of the resistance will prevail as it enjoys popular support in the region. On the other hand, the creative chaos project will remain alien in this region and its peoples. Perseverance is going to be in favor of the resistance in this decisive war to finally put an end to deceit and marking time with the American project in the region so that the peoples would be left to choose their own future and their own relations among them.

Source: By Nader Ezzeddine (Al Manar)



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