The News Of Libya: October the 11th (500 rebels killed & wounded in Sirte // Many goods Resistance news)

More than 500 mercenaries killed and wounded in Sirte

United States of Africa (LVO):  After the tactical withdrawal of the resistance, the rebels seized a hospital in Sirte and began to terrorize the patients who were there and the medical staff, requiring them to treat the wounded mercenaries from NATO at the expense of civilians injured by NATO bombing.

Yesterday the Libyan resistance forces have a strategic withdrawal, the attackers were left into areas of the hospital center in Ouagadougou and the University of Sirte. These three areas of the city were, in a manner unprecedented heavily bombed and the resistance has made a tactical withdrawal in order to stop the bombing of innocent civilians.

Seeing that instead of sending food, medicines and medical supplies for the wounded and the populations found in an apocalyptic humanitarian situation, the NATO mercenaries began to murder and terrorize the patients in the accusing them of being soldiers, resistance fighters have launched this morning at 5 hours, an assault to free these areas and relieve the people of the terrorism of mercenaries.

The commandos of the resistance have used all kinds of weapons, lightning in a hail of fire from NATO mercenaries attacked from all directions. All these areas have been fully paid successfully and 500 terrorists were either killed or wounded and the rest have fled, leaving behind the bodies of their accomplices and taking hostage Filipino nurses, discovered hidden in the basements of the hospital, supposedly to treat their wounded in the countryside, but we dare not even imagine the prisoners come out of the nurses of the mentally deranged ..

The fall of a parachute commando in Sirte

Commando of NATO have been dropped in the sky of Sirte.  This drop has occurred at high altitudes in order to have a better chance of not being noticed, but despite these precautions, the Libyans have noticed and welcomed as it should. These commandos were armed and had no visa for entry into the People’s Libyan Arab Great Jamahiriya. Security forces have intercepted so.16 Commandos special services were captured and imprisoned. We do not know exactly how many soldiers were dropped, however, we agree on a crushing defeat of the mercenaries from NATO in Sirte. It appears also that there are currently in peace talks, but this remains to be confirmed.

Preserving History

 It is important to understand that living witnesses of this historic event review and inform the world about the truth about the war in Libya. To avoid another falsification of history as has occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other countries . And we have the ability and duty to make such a contribution to this cause so sacred that it can once again be falsified by these liars who imagine that history is their property and they are the only to have the right to write as they wish. That is promoting their own interests at the expense of the truth …. But  ”  the lie will disappear and the truth to triumph “   (Holy Qur’a n)

  In a recorded telephone conversation of the distinguished Dr. Yusuf Shakir with the Head of TV and the defenders of Sirte in Libya, it said ‘ “no one listens to us and they refuse to give figures of those killed.People do not want to admit that the hero is our “government”, it is unthinkable for them. This extends to far, but no one thinks want to talk about these heroes. No! heroes lead their battle we have with you a duty to break the blockade lies about Libya and Syria simultaneously. And we are still in Sirte, broke the embargo and it’s not the first time here. “

 For today, we know that among the mercenaries from NATO, the losses amounted to 230 killed (probably succumbed to their injuries during the day), and over 500 injured.

The rebels are “persona non grata” in Libya

In Ben Jawad in a region of Sirte of 10 000 inhabitants, citizens, the elderly and children, have once again been attacked by mercenaries from NATO. A detachment of mercenaries came to “visit and relax” after a crushing defeat in Sirte. But the people of this city loyal to Qadhafi, were not of this opinion and were very “inhospitable” 60 killed and 30 detained uninvited guests. The others took their legs around their necks and have fled at full speed.

To be continued …

Source: AngeeVerse (Written by Hassan Alliby)

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