Syrians making history: The Million Strong March (October the 12th)

Syrians took to the streets to show the Western world that they are satisfied and happy with Bashar Al Assad and its governement. As in any country around the world, and Syria is no exception, there are internal problems. But the people along with its government have to solve them. Not foreign warmongers!

The movement is so huge, that even mainstream media can’t avoid the topic as they did for Libya’s Million Man March. Even corrupt Al Jazeera had to report on the today’s protest in favor of the Syrian President, probably due to the fact that major news companies are doing so. (Not seen anything from CNN nor FOX news about this historical protest. If you do, please post the links in the comment box)

After today, what excuse will the West make up to push for military intervention ? Anything is possible… They have an incredible “media lies” track record… Though, the world now knows that Syrians don’t want foreign meddlers in their country.

Here are some links :

AFP : Thousands turn out to support Syrian president

El PaisMiles de personas se manifiestan en Damasco para apoyar a El Asad

Al JazeeraThousands rally in support of Syria’s Assad

Le MondeDémonstration de force du régime de Bachar Al-Assad

Watch the videos of this historical moment: 

One comment on “Syrians making history: The Million Strong March (October the 12th)

  1. I hope the western cowards are not so insane to risk the Armageddon. That’s why they were so furious about Russia and China veto in SC. They realized that time for their “humanitarian interventions” is over.

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