Terrorists Relate their Attack on a Police Station in Aleppo


An armed terrorist group on Tuesday related how they attacked al-Boweider police station in Aleppo province as two police officers were injured and a gun was robbed.

Their attack was confronted by citizens who assisted the police officers in tracking down the armed men until backing-up patrols arrived and killed a terrorist and arrested three other terrorists.

A police officer told the Syrian TV that while they were at the police station, they were overtaken by 10 armed terrorists riding two cars.

He added that the armed terrorists fired against the police officers and ordered them to give up their weapons, but the police officers exchanged fire with the terrorists who ran away.

He said that they tracked the terrorists down until they killed one of them and arrested three others and confiscated their weapons.

For his part, terrorist Saher Abboud said that his group consisted of Mohsin Baidoun, Riad Baidoun, Azzam Marra, Kutaiba Marraa, OmarHouri and Mahmoud Haj Taleb and they had three Kalashnikovs and two pump action guns.

By F.Allafi/M.Eyon for SANA




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