The News of Libya: October the 12th (19:00)

The Great Liberation Friday

According to new reports, preparations for a large scale attack this Friday, October 14, 2011, are underway in all the occupied cities of Libya. Groups organize and refine their strategies to conduct their operations with maximum efficiency. Calls are made on the internet such as “Al Hajj” today at 8:45, the content is as follows:

“To all the Mujahedeen civilian or military, be prepared to begin the release this Friday at dawn. Be the killer commandos ready. Be the snipers on the rooftops. Be the anti-personnel mines and anti-tank planted on the sides of streets. Be the Molotov Cocktails that are easy to make ready. Kill the rats, no mercy, yell “Allahou Akbar Kabeera”, be victorious. Be glorious. May Allah help us .. Allah is the Almighty! ”

 As for others who read these lines, do not forget your du’a so that every action is a success, because success only comes from Allah

To be continued …

Source: Hassan Alliby (Angeeverse)

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