Libya: Map illustrating the military situation of Sirte October 13, 2011

According to Zengtena, the rebels have infiltrated yesterday, the city of Sirte following heavy bombardments of NATO aircrafts. They were shooting like crazy on the buildings and the civilians in media coverage of the media lies.
This morning, the rebels withdrew from the city of Sirte after heavy human and material losses on their side. They had an unprecedented deluge of fire from the fighters of the Libyan resistance.

They soon realized that despite despite their weapons and air support from NATO and the CNT lies amplified by the medias about the arrest of Gaddafi Moatassem, that they were not strong enough to defeat the Libyan resistance. Combatants: men, women and children fought fiercely resisting the invaders from Benghazi.

The map shows the city of Sirte and the positioning of the rebels around Sirte. They retraced their steps after an unprecedented offensive of the Libyan resistance.

The colors are as follows:
The green color of the Libyan resistance forming a shield covering and protecting the city against the traitors Sirte.
The color red represents areas of fighting opposing the Libyan resistance against the traitors.
Black shows the positioning of rebels around the city of Sirte.
Not to mention that the sea is well-guarded by the Libyan resistance to prevent maritime infiltration of rebels or especially mercanaires West. InchAllah God will protect the city of Sirte and its people against the invaders , the traitors and NATO

Source: Algeria ISP

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