The News of Libya October the 13th / Message from Dr. Moussa Ibrahim


International (LVO):  On October 14 in Libya is expected at the national level, a walk under the green banner across the country. The country does not want “democracy” as seen by Westerners. In this regard, the Spokesman, Special Representative of the Libyan government official, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, said Oct. 12 that

“The Libyan people bearer of liberty has nerves of steel, high morale, because the wind blows is hope, however, people have already experienced the first shock and return.”

Moussa said:

“We want our young people are studying the experience of the Vietnamese revolution, resistance to the Americans, and how they have won …. We ask our young to know the character of  General Nguyen Giap  and failures as well as against the defense of Sirte. We believe that many names will be glorified in the resistance and the personalities of the people recognized.

We promised change during the week and now the rise of preparations for October 14 provided for the whole of Libya from north to south and from east to west, confirms that the time of release is near and that the Libyan people and the world will know two things Friday: 

First, that the Libyan people did not support the “liberal” does not betray his country and does not sell, and secondly that Western countries and the CNT claimed that the words “freedom and democracy,” will allow us to Friday see if they support these slogans and they are really for freedom of expression. “

Moussa added that

“Libya is now in a better position than in recent weeks, the resistance is now organized and the heart of genius burns out of the bottle, so the command evaluates what is happening in a very upbeat. “

Moussa called on those who believe in the legitimate government:

“Have faith in your government and you will see that.”

He added that

“We have received confirmation of the information that the preparation of the uprising has created fear and panic, ambassadors were sent in various directions, to interrupt the communication between us and our people in order to prevent the transmission of channels that carry our voices. This will never end, and this can be found in the news media weekly, for the launch of the official site of resistance, which is preparing for that.

We organized a network of communication channels universal in the United States, Latin America and Europe and human rights organizations and individuals, we also organized a way to protect them in case the enemy attempts to inflict damage, we urge people to be free in Libya in maximum availability and wait for the final announcement of the intifada. “

Moussa congratulated all the veterans of the Libyan army, saying their leaders presented their personal tributes and their names will be published in a joint statement next week with those of all people from different sectors and regions.

He also paid tribute to the enthusiasm of youth and achievements of the revolution, which revealed an unprecedented peak and have led the protests on Friday (Friday prayers) with the interpretation of the Holy Quran against ”  the invaders and spies of the Jews and Christians and to purify the precious homeland from all evil and lust. “

Warning in Tripoli

In Tripoli, the members of the embassies of Nazi alliance was expressly warned

“The e Qatar, France and other countries:   ” If we hear a single shot in a peaceful march will all be destroyed. The Embassy with its “content”! forewarned is forearmed! ”
“Declaration of the youth organization of Libya!

The lie is over!

NATO mercenaries again repulsed in Sirte

   United States of Africa (LVO): The news from Sirte resemble each day. Each time, the media war propaganda announce the capture of the city of Sirte and a few hours or minutes later, the mercenaries flee the area, wiping heavy losses and abandon their wounded and dead bodies of their accomplices. If this was not a war, it would have the area of a funny movie so this illegal war against the noble people of Libya is ridiculous.

   The whole world knows that the international organizations involved in the attack on the Great Jamahiriya are liars, murderers, criminals, thieves, crooks, thieves, rapists, war criminals, criminals against humanity , the Nazis, the … … … and the list goes on. Yet people continue to turn their religious television or radio and follow the news as an addiction, psychological dependence like, “I know you lie to me but I love your lies.” or like, “I know you lie to me, but I do not want to know because you know so I dream and I like it. “

   Meanwhile, civilians, men, women, children and elderly die in the deadliest bombing of an international organization wearing a garment of untouchability, allowed by the tacit permission of the world, to commit all crimes she wants, without ever being prosecuted because no one would dare.

   But those who are abused at home, have no choice but to confront the terrible reality and fight for their freedom. This led to Sirte today, mercenaries from NATO, which entered the city by their media, today announced that they ”  fell two kilometers Thursday mid-day under the heavy fire from the Libyan resistance.  We had to retreat to the police headquarters  (near the central square of the city)  and we will be using heavy artillery to hit Qaddafi’s forces , “said Hamid Neji, a mercenary NATO Pro-CNT supposed to be on the new front line.

   They’ll still be using heavy artillery against the civilian homes and pretend to the international press that they bombard the forces of Qaddafi but for them, represents the whole of Libya since Qaddafi force all the people with the Libyan Brother Leader Muammar Al-Gaddafi.

By Hassan Alliby // Source: Angeeverse


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