By Christof LEHMANN

Khamis Gaddafi

Words can kill. The first victim of war is the truth. We know the proverbs but tend to forget that the killer force of narratives is thousand fold potentiated when there is war, and the force of the pen is combined with the force of the sword. Various media, including Arrai TV reported yesterday and today of the death of Khamis Ghadafi, commander of the 32nd Elite Brigade that stood for implementing the strategy that since has given NATO a serious dent in it´s armor, and decimated NATO´s army of mercenaries, terrorists, indoctrinated Jihadis and opportunistic vultures hired by contractors like XE. So far, the death of Khamis Ghadafi could not be confirmed for nsnbc, and even alternative media seem to be missing one point. The Libyan Liberation is a struggle against new colonialism, not directed against a family, but against all Africans. The resistance is not a family or person, but African People who are waking up to the aggression of the Anglo American Empire. Words can kill, also if they neglect to focus on central issues.

By Dr. Christof Lehmann

After the successful implementation of a new phase of resistance on Friday, that began with nation wide demonstrations, and resulted in the liberation of large parts of Tripoli, and other cities in Northern Libya, the message that the commander of the 32nd Elite Brigade of the Libyan Armed Forces, Khamis Ghadafi had been killed. The reports were aired on several media, including ARRAI TV, which is widely recognized as the “official voice” of the legitimate Libyan Government. Other usually well informed media, like the Algeria ISP inform that the death of Khamis Ghadafi is fabricated by NATO Intelligence. In the light of the recent months repeated false alarms, and the fact that nsnbc so far has not received a positive confirmation, it would be premature to either confirm or reject the reports.

Military and Intelligence Analysts co-operating with nsnbc have for a long time had suspicions that the repeated fabricated messages of the capture of prominent political and military functionaries of the legitimate Libyan Government are functions of an operation with the purpose of tracing lines of communications between the political and military leadership and media. The hypothesis was strongly supported, when nsnbc received reports that NATO had begun targeting buildings in Sirte, from where cellphone and satellite phone calls were made to abroad. Analysts agreed that this was not only an attempt to isolate the population, and to prevent reports of the massive war crimes to get out to the European and American Public. With Western Corporate Media firmly controlled, that would be a secondary consideration only. The main function of the strategy was expected to be the reduction of lines of communication for the Libyan Government and Military leadership to media, in an attempt to target leadership structures. Algeria ISP could today confirm the hypothesis, when it reported that NATO and TNC have implemented the disinformation campaign for enabling them to find Government and Military functionaries.

The attention on leading political and military functionaries of the legitimate Libyan Government has one more, equally critical function, which is, distracting the public from the fact that the war is not directed against “a Libyan Government”, or “a Libyan family” “a Libyan Political or Military Leader” or “the State of Libya”, but that it is part of a long planned, gradually implemented war against every independent nation state in North- and North Western Africa, as part of a war on China and Russia.

As much as Muammar Ghadafi, Khamis Ghadafi, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, and other governmental and military leading functionaries of the legitimate Libyan Government are loved by the Libyan people, as much is it a fact, that the regrettable murder of any of them would not stop NATO´s Colonial War; neither would it diminish the will and ability of the Libyan People to resist. NATO is desperate in maintaining a narrow spectrum narrative in media coverage, and this narrow narrative is what is killing thousands, by keeping Western European and American Populations suspended in a Soap Opera like coverage of what is part of the new colonization of Africa. Besides that, the narrative distracts attention from the fact, that NATO and the TNC are loosing the war on the ground, and the fact that the most grotesque war crimes are committed on the Libyan People on a daily basis. As for nsnbc, an obituary for Khamis Ghadafi will be delayed, until the legitimate Libyan Government has had the time to use save channels of communication to either confirm or reject NATO´s and TNC´s claim.

The military situation in Libya is volatile, but in spite of NATO´s absolute dominance in the air, special forces, and imported mercenaries, the resistance is making an agonizingly slow, but steady progress. According to the latest reports nsnbc received directly from Libya, most of the residential districts of Tripoli are controlled by Libyan Forces and popular resistance. The green flag was hoisted over the Rixos Hotel, and Military Camp 77 in Tripoli. There are heavy clashes in the inner city as well as throughout greater Tripoli. In Bani Walid most of the city is under Libyan Forces control, but an isolated group of TNC Fighters is holding an estimated 20 % of the city under their control. The city of Zawiyah is free. There is heavy fighting in Tarhuna, where one of the TNC´s most prominent military leaders, Hakim Abu Zoadh Naaji was killed. Hakim Naaji is one of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group members and prisoners that were released from Abu Salim Prison during an amnesty granted by Saif Al-Islam.

The initiation of the new phase of resistance on Friday and the transfer of the fight into Tripoli has forced the TNC and NATO to withdraw a significant amount of fighters from Sirte. The amount of attacks into the city has been reduced, and there have been mounted fierce counter attacks. There seems to be a shift towards a not less lethal, and not less criminal strategy. Throughout the night, Sirte has been subject to relentless barrages of light, medium range and heavy artillery.

It is not only artillery fire, bombs and machine guns that are NATO´s most potent weapons against Libya. One of the greatest weapons against the people of Libya and the People of Africa is NATO´s Pen, represented by corporate media, which do not report the fact that the USA, EU and NATO are in the implementation phase of an aggressive colonization of Northern and Western Africa, which may result in a global conflict of unfathomable consequences.

Christof Lehmann


(source: nsnbc)


  1. It seems to me that virtually no one in the alternative media is picking up on two of the most important aspects of the ongoing Libyan struggle. On one hand, most of the alternative media gets it that a terrible injustice is going on in Libya, and that it has much wider implications. So far so good. But most of the alternative media continues to accept the basic narrative being pushed by the mainstream media, which is that Gaddafi is gone, the NTC is governing Libya (ie. Nato), and what remains is cleanup. But what sense can this make, when reports from Libya that are not coming from the Corporatized Media indicate that the NTC barely controls coastal areas and parts of a few major cities, and that it is under heavy pressure all over the country, and mostly losing? Isn’t there a contradiction between the mainstream narrative and this alternative narrative, and shouldn’t the alternative media realize that it shouldn’t trust the ‘mainstream’ narrative?

    The problem, it seems to me, is that a new paradigm of war is being unveiled in Libya, and no one in the alternative media seems to be hip to it yet. What is this new paradigm? Well, it’s something that Nato commanders themselves have been pointing to, calling the Libya operation a new ‘template’ for war. The Libya war LOOKS different, and so folks don’t know how to interpret it, so they fall back on the MSM narrative. We are seeing a situation where what seems to be a dominant force, the Gaddafi forces, are having to fight a guerilla war against a much, much weaker force, because the much weaker force has Nato air cover.

    Consider what this means. The stronger force cannot use heavy weapons, because these would draw overwhelming Nato fire. It cannot mass troops, because that would draw Nato fire. It cannot move swiftly (eg. via convoys), because that would draw Nato fire. It cannot hold positions, because that would draw Nato fire. It has to adopt the tactics of a guerilla force. See the cognitive dissonance this creates? Guerilla tactics are normally taken to imply a weaker force.

    The alternative media need to wake up to this new paradigm. It will become the NORM in future wars, such as wars in Algeria, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan….

    The second thing that the alternative media seem to be slow to understand is the fundamental importance of the Libyan resistance. This is the first time EVER that Nato has encountered such powerful resistance, and the first time in decades for the US, and much of its power seems to come from the will of the Libyan people, rejecting colonial domination. It is a turning point in history, in my opinion, because people all over the world have been trained to believe that their needs, hopes, and ideas don’t matter.

    • Dear Paul Good Day!
      Thanks for you interesting and constructive comments. As for what concerns:
      “Isn’t there a contradiction between the mainstream narrative and this alternative narrative, and shouldn’t the alternative media realize that it shouldn’t trust the ‘mainstream’ narrative?”
      For our concern even if we don’t consider ourselves as the alternative Media, I think that alternative Medias such Mathaba did realize long time ago that they should not trust the narrative of the MSM. For our part when we started to counter NATO Propaganda on Twitter about Libya, we said from the early days, that Libyan Army Elements will de facto enter Guerilla Mode Warfare in small units. This for 2 Main reasons:
      1/ to avoid being bombed by heavy NATO firepower
      2/ to create maximum casualties/panics towards the weak Rebels NTC ‘troops’.

      Simply most of the time, I prefer to refer to Libyan Green Fighters as the Libyan Army. Even if on the ground, you don’t see it as such because of their Guerilla Mode. But what is Guerilla warfare if not another name for SpecialOps Tactical Units…

      These ‘Rebels’ in no way match the skill and training of the Libyan Army. Simply because they are a bunch of gangsters, Al-CiAda fighters who were given an AK47, a RPG, or a pickup fitted with a machine gun, with the only order to shoot and to loot at will. Even with SpeOps advisers from NATO, they simply are not Fighters. Worst they fight for greed not for a cause.


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