Dr. Moussa Ibrahim about Bani Walid: “Do not believe their lies … “

 United States of Africa (LVO):  The news spread by the propaganda that the rebels entered Bani Walid is untrue, as usual.

After checking with the spokesman of the legitimate government of Libya, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, we can reconfirm that the NATO mercenaries who tried to approach the city suffered heavy losses life and were forced to flee the fire intensity.

The Dr.Ibramim said:

“Now, mercenaries from NATO, are only bombarding the city from afar. ” 

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim said  :

“Do not believe their lies, every morning they show pictures and say that Bani Walid was controlled, and when we call to check, the city’s response is that “we are in a festive ceremony because we have defeated them, and inflicted them heavy losses, and even celebrate with the families of some of them 

Moussa concluded:

“I just contacted Bani Walid and they have assured us of this new and Allah Akbar and Glory to God and victory to Allah”

To be continued …

By Hassan Alliby

Source: Angeeverse

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