Libya: Rebels from Misrata were planning to attack Sirte with biological weapons

ALGERIA ISP, according to Zengtena, the front of the Libyan salvation in Misrata had information that the rebels were preparing an operation to use biological weapons to attack in Sirte. After three weeks of investigation, it appears that the information was confirmed. This proves that the war waged by the rebels against civilians is a dirty war with no qualms. They treat their brothers and sisters in other cities as their worst enemies in their screams ALLAH AKBAR.

The fighters from the front of the Libyan salvation of Misrata conducted an operation yesterday at dawn to sabotage the plan to kill the entire population that is resisting in Sirte.

The question to ask is: “was the use of biological weapons coordinated with NATO and the NTC?”

The rebels sent a group of fighters in Sirte to spread anthrax in the city which would have killed the rest of the population (civilian patriots and resistance fighters of the Jamahiriya) and then launch one of their lie that an epidemic struck the city of Sirte result of poor sanitation and civilians died.

The front of the Libyan salvation of Misrata has evidence that a large amount of anthrax was returned to Libya illegally transiting the region Aljagbob from Egyptian territory.

The group accompanying the shipment of anthrax was surprised by the fighters from the front of the salvation of Misrata that have killed and recovered all their cargo, compound of three big canisters of anthrax and a laptop. One of the rebels confessed that important information is stored in the computer. This information will be publicly available soon. The rebel was sentenced to death and executed.

It’s amazing to see that the rebels use any means to force the people of Libya to accept them!

Source: Algeria ISP

One comment on “Libya: Rebels from Misrata were planning to attack Sirte with biological weapons

  1. For months I have had the opinion that the war against Libya is the dirtiest, most obscene, insane and least justifiable war ever fought in world history. So it is very likely that biological weapons would be used, on top of depleted uranium weapons, cluster bombs and probably phospherous munitions.

    The hatred of what Brother Qadafi was nearly bringing to fruition knows no bounds, both from Western governments AND despotic Arab governments.

    Anyone who really knows anything, knows that Muama Qadafi was never a dictator; but he was an inspiration for making Libya the most prosperous country in Africa, with NO debt and NO slavery to the global banking system … and inclined to think that this is the real reason for why NATO forces have destroyed everything, not least water supplies.

    I know, from my time at The Mathaba in Tripoli, Qadafi foresaw a day when Libya ran out of oil for revenue … which is why he pushed for the Great Man Made River project to make Libya fertile again and producing food (in Roman times Libya was “the bread basket” for Rome.

    But the Romans cut down all the trees, whereas Qadafi instituted the replanting of forests of trees.

    Unless you have been to Libya and have read the Green Book, I doubt that you can really know how obscene the destruction of Libya has been in so few months.

    Sirte compares with Leningrad, but it took far longer to reduce Leningrad to rubble.

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