Alleged death of the Leader


I do not believe that the Libyan leader was in Sirte. I do not think they killed the Libyan leader.

I do not believe this photo Al jazeera who was probably ready long time ago.
U.S. does is positively and encourages advocacy of murder to kill as it seems they have done with the leader of the great tribe Warfala. If true, this is a real murder to be punished by law because this man was the most conciliatory and peaceful that you can be and a great person. Elected for a true democracy by his tribe and was representing the Libyan Tribal Council trying to reach agreements without weapons … Until the murderers have violated their home and killed them. They do not want reconciliation, but only destruction, theft, death …
They try to cut any more settlement via the bombs, death and destruction.
Only when I will read this news from a reliable and trustworthy source I will then trustit, so far I have not read more than from the ones that use to lie.
Also receiving many anonymous insulting, what makes me think they are very nervous and therefore more reason to know that is a lie. If all of the NTC are so aggressive, disrespectful and who enjoy the suffering of others, as those who write here, I can understand why Libya and the Libyans don’t want them and they can only approach Libya with bombs and death.
Source: Leonor

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