Alleged video of our Borther Leader Gaddafi dead, BBC apparently confirmed it was fake

We keep chasing the info and will provide you with what we find.

See below a tweet stating that the BBC confirmed the video was fake. This person apparently heard it on the radio. Trying to find the statement by the BBC













14 comments on “Alleged video of our Borther Leader Gaddafi dead, BBC apparently confirmed it was fake

    • I love Gaddafi and his resistance against the NATO and the white race which has for ages brutally tried to dominate and crush us Asians and Africans. People have so easily forgotten the slave trading and ruthless oppression of African races by this abominable white community….
      Subhankar Bose, India


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  4. Thank you very much for giving us genuine and good infomation especially, the brutal lie which were formulated and dramatized by rats which you quickly dismissed, i wish our loved brother gaddaffi long life, please brothers, keep pushing those giant enemies (west) away, i wish you success. please we need more proof of our loved brother’s status “Col Alhaji Gaddaffi”

  5. General Dyer would have been a NATO chief fighting brother Gaddafi : See the barbarism of West

    On 13 April, 1919, people organized a peaceful general meeting at the Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, against the proclamation issued by General Dyer on 12th April which forbade public meetings and processions. People were not adequately informed of this proclamation. Jallianwala Bagh was a large open space enclosed on three sides by buildings with only one exit. General Dyer, the military commander of Amritsar was determined to make an example of this meeting and wanted to terrorize the people into submission. He surrounded the Bagh with his troops, closed off the exit and then ordered his soldiers to shoot into the crowd with their machine-guns and rifles.

    The massacre was brutal and heartless; the trapped crowd had nowhere to run or hide. Men, women and children ran helter-skelter, some jumping into the well to escape the volley of bullets. When their ammunition was exhausted, Dyer ordered his men to leave the area, his ghastly deed done. Thousands died and many more were injured. Martial law was imposed on Punjab and its people were subjected to many humiliating atrocities. Citizens of Lahore were ordered to crawl across a street, which was nicknamed the ‘Crawling Street’. The wholesale slaughter at Jallianwala Bagh horrified the whole country. The brutality of the so-called civilized foreign rulers and the need to fight for freedom were reiterated by this incident.

  6. Yes that movie shows a much younger person, much likely one of those doubles who was given the less thankful job of getting killed


  8. Blame the Zionist Jews and Crypto-Jews, (not all whites). I am white and am in great dismay over this Libya crisis and I have never done anything bad to anyone of another race in my life.

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  10. Si sind Maine love ! Maine grunes jamahirya ! Maine Grosse simbol líbya Mouammar gaddafi…..mutassim…..und jeder sohn…………. ( NATO = fašiste satan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eva cz

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