“Gaddafi captured” – “Gaddafi dead” – But no proof provided, AGAIN

Be careful with the information provided by mainstream media ! They are claiming that Gaddafi was captured, others confirm he was very badly injured and died.

Al Jazeera, after the massive credibility loss it suffered with the fake Green Square footage they aired and that was internationaly exposed as a hoax, seems to be cautious in its latest article and relay the info they apparently received from Libya, without giving any confirmation. They even add:

“NATO and the US state department said it cannot confirm any reports. Meanwhile in Benghazi, crowds gathered in the streets to start celebrating the reports of Gaddafi’s death.”

Al Arabiya, also known from its pro NTC and NATO views, and for spreading falsified and/or fake reports, seems to confirm he is dead, as if they themselves saw borther Leader captured and dead.

They even say that Gaddafi was found hidding on a hole, and begged the rebels not to shoot him. This clearly reminds us of Saddam Hussein. He was alledgedly also hidding in a hole. This is totally false and is aimed at undermining Gaddafi’s revolutionary image ! They want people to be disappointed by this coward attitude and to reject any feeling they had for him, in order to make them feel betrayed, and shift their minds. Can you picture Gaddafi hidding in a hole ? I personally can’t ! This man brought justice and freedom to Libya. He fought against the West his whole life! He is not a coward.

I would not be surprised to learn that in such a situation Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama would hide in a hole and beg for their coward and valueless lifes and even pee in their pants! But not the revolutionary brother leader Gaddafi !

All those allegations are based on a picture and a video…. That can be, as it previously happened, FAKE. And on AbdelHakim Belhadj confirmation… Anyone can trust him ?…

Western medias relay this information as they did for Khamis dead (man’s incredible, he died 8 times but is still alive), Moatassem was abducted, Saif Al Islam was killed 3 times and do you remember that Gaddafi was already killed a few month ago ? 

Let’s wait and see if this information about his death is confirmed or not. And I don’t mean confirmed by western medias! But by Libyan Resistance sources ! We all know whose interests western medias serve… They would confirm anything their masters tell them to! They confirmed Ben Laden’s death based on a fake picture (that was quickly exposed as a fake on the Internet), apologized for that “mistake” but still confirmed he was killed with absolutely no proof! They didn’t even question the thing! When thousands of reports on the Internet were reporting him as dead since 2001…

I personally do not believe this tragic news. So many lies,… One thing to take into consideration, is how Nato and its mercenaries use this type of PsyOps in order to locate their ennemies. When they came up with the fake report of Moussa Ibrahim being abducted and under rebels custody, their aim was to have Moussa Ibrahim contacting Arrai TV, locate the call and bomb him, and kill him and hopefully Gaddafi if the two men were together… Knowing that, we will probably have to wait a couple of days to have final confirmation.

Nato and NTC are ready to do anything, they are totally desperate! Remember when illegitimate NTC leader confirmed Green Square footage was fake, but helped the rebels entering Tripoli ?

Let’s wait my friends! Time will tell…


UPDATE 1 : Resistance reliable sources confirm that brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi is not dead. They confirm he is healthy and strong, as usual !

See this information HERE and HERE and HERE

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