Libya – Only the spokesman Ibrahim Moussa is aware of the state of Gaddafi (October 20, 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / After an unprecedented campaign of misinformation spewed by Al Jazeera and its sister Al Arabia and relayed by the media worldwide, they announced the death of the Libyan leader and the capture and death of his son Moatassem and also added the death of Defense Minister of Libya.

According to the CEO of Al Rai TV, Mr. Macheal, it is not sure whether the Libyan leader is still alive or not because he has no news.

At this point, the Libyan side (the green Libya), we have no confirmation of those who are really close to the Libyan leader.

No confirmation from the Libyan government spokesman Ibrahim Moussa.

No confirmation of the journalist and Dr. Hamza Touhami.

No confirmation of the journalist and Dr. Youcef Ibrahim.

A source in Tripoli, confirms that the Libyan leader is still alive.

While watching Al jazeera, we were shown a rebel who said that the Libyan leader was wounded in the legs and that he raised the white flag, the latter showed a golden pistol that was supposedly in the pocket of Gaddafi. We hardly imagine that a military and mujahideen as the guide is would take part in the fighting with a collection gun unless he wanted to commit suicide and we know that the Guide wouldn’t do so.

The same TV channel showed another bum rebel showing off saying that he was the one who captured Gaddafi hiding in the sewers.

All this confirms that this is all a farce invented by Western intelligence agencies to make a great cocktail of shit (excuse us for this word) to show the world that the war is over and to make the Libyan leader come to the public for NATO to the locate and bomb him.

Source: Algeria ISP

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