New video of our borther leader Gaddafi dead (Viewer discretion is advised)

Latest video posted on youtube of Muammar Gaddafi dead. Knowing what mainstream media are capable of, we cannot confirm anything and this video shall not be taken as the ultimate proof of our beloved Gaddafi being dead.

Various contradictory reports have come out today and, as stated earlier, we need to wait before making any conclusion.

We, at CounterPsyOps, will endeavour to bring you the latest informations available.


6 comments on “New video of our borther leader Gaddafi dead (Viewer discretion is advised)

  1. I had already watched this video…observations…line at neck where mask ends ? change of skin tone there too, no marks on upper body…tinges of grey at sides of hair in contrast with the still that was published where all hair black…must admit, it is a great mask, silicon hollywood style is my guess…plus from other footage, 1) no blood on trousers while reports say shot in both legs 2) wounds to face shortly after truck loading, then when on ground and turned over, no facial wounds at all, naked clean, no blood…so what ? the rebels strip and wash him ? If this were real there is no doubt the scum would all be having a bash, if not beheading, whereas instead it’s just a whole lot of jostling…you only have to see what atrocities have been comitted to know that if it were real it would be hard to identify the body…

  2. Just watched again…there is a line up the chest that looks like an autopsy cut, small stitch end visible near the neck…was this a cadaver with mask ?

  3. Lastly…all the rebels are totally clean, clothes and skin, bandages on them but no blood on bandages….so I guess they all nipped home for a shower and change of clothes before filming ? Not..8)

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