Western news relaying fake images of brother leader GADDAFI dead: EXPOSED

A tweet from our brother @syriancommando redirected me to a facebook link showing the below image which shows UK newspapers front pages yesterday (Thursday October the 20th) !

Needless to say that these images hav been exposed as a fake several times, all over the Internet.

We, at CounterPsyOps, reported it HERE – HERE – you can also find more info in numerous other webpages.

This clearly shows the poor quality of the information provided by mainstream media… They don’t even check their sources nor the material they serve to the public.

I entice you to write to those newspapers and tell them you lost all trust in them. You can also contact them through twitter:

The Daily Telegraph : @TelegraphNews

The Sun NewsPaper: @TheSunNewspaper

The Guardian: @guardian

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