PsyOps warfare: Resistance communication means hacked right after Gaddafi’s capture reports came out… One is to wonder…

As previously reported, right after the announcement by western mainstream media of Gaddafi’s death, number of websites were hacked.

On of them is Algeria-ISP. It even published an article saying “We’ve been hacked”. This article was published for the public to believe that everything was back to normal. But it seems to me, and to many others, that the website is not back under its genuine owners control. Indeed, news being published are mere copies of western media reports. Which doesn’t match with the type of information this website used to provide.

I don’t know who hacked it. But those who did are clearly trying to mislead the readers.

Algeria ISP is a website that’s been providing first hand information from Libya since day 1. Therefore, hacking it is the best way to cut off the resistance from spreading its messages.

The question everyone should be asking is, why did “they” (we don’t know who they are, even though we can easily figure it out) hacked so many websites right after declaring that Gaddafi had been captured and killed ?… While mainstream media keep playing images of Gaddafi’s capture and videos showing rebels dancing and taking pictures around its corpse, resistance communication means have been cut. Isn’t that another way of implementing Nato’s usual psychological warfare by spreading its lies and silencing resistance voice ? If our analysis is right, that would mean that Gaddafi’s dead is a hoax.

Let’s wait until more information is available.

5 comments on “PsyOps warfare: Resistance communication means hacked right after Gaddafi’s capture reports came out… One is to wonder…

  1. Other independent (french language) news websites announced they had been hacked too , following kadafi’s death report.

    Some other french pro-libyan websites now appear to be pro-nato , and spread bad propaganda (allain jules for ex…)

    No idea if they got hacked too or if they are undercover nato agents , but beware !

  2. Why do you believe that?, Just because those websites admit Khadafy was killed?.
    Owners of websites are not isolated, they can sy friends and partners they lose control of their websites.

    • Hello,
      We do not believe. We just want to point out that as long there is no official confirmation of the Death od Gaddafi from credible sources : others than NATO connected, there are strong possibilities of disinformation and/or propaganda in the info coming from Hacked websites.

      • Hi RGDS, all information we get is by NATO related sources (at least sources against Gaddafi’s Libya). There were a bunch of really independent journalists but they fleed when trolls&orcs army reached Trípoli. So you will never be sure about Gaddafi dead, no matter what you read or what you see (image or video) as we now, everything can be forged.

        But if you read you have a dilemma

        1) you have to state it’s another NATO controlled website
        2) Saif al Islam accepted his father was killed and is planning how the fight continues

        BTW: ozysism published just a few lines of that article.

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