News from Libya October 23RD 20:00


18h/ The capture and killing of Muammar Al Gaddafi is a fact “vergonzozo atrocious,” one of the barbaric acts have been committed under the pretext of liberating Libya, said in Mexico Luis Gutiérrez Esparza, a member of the Circle for International Studies. The absence of the deceased leader will not solve the country’s problems but on the contrary due to international interests that acted in the conflict, the various internal positions of the population and wealth of oil and water in the nation, he said. teleSUR

18h/ Libyan transition leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil declares Sharia law basic source of legislation in “liberated” Libya • Any law contradicting Sharia is nullified, he said, at Benghazi celebration DEBKA Sharia law – Her nose and ears were hacked off by brutal in-laws after she was promised in marriage aged 12


20h/ Tripoli, Libya – Our reporter on the scene says that the traitors called more than 3000 traitors from Misrata to move to Green Square withing next 2-3 hours in order to show them in journalists.Today the traitors declared the so called ” Liberation of Libya”
A picture shows “the massive” of movement of Traitor in Tripoli….. 100 mercenaries at all… soon even them will be burned.

A photo was taken by suprized western journalists.
The traitor have brought and slaughtered camels in order to atract people to the square but none showed up.Libya Liberal Youth to publish the facts for Libya tomorrow]


One comment on “News from Libya October 23RD 20:00

  1. Obama was in charge as CIC of US forces and Gaddafi was targeted by Obama for regime change from the beginning to end. From the moment the “out of area” attack on Libya by US led NATO forces began, to the desired end, when Gaddafi was executed by his captors, it was carried out by the oval office but orchestrated by the British Empire. The entire opperation was in violation of international law and US Constitutional Law. Why? Could the intention include the necessary setting of precedent for carrying out such crimes, in order to prepare the US for a coup putting in place a police state in which Obama targets US citizens inside the United States? US citizen Awlaki was executed on orders of President Obama. British intelligence agent, HG Wells authored “THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME” to promote the Oligarchical principal. That principal states that all nations on earth must be forced to surrender sovereignty to British Oligarchical rule. Or else. The use of technological superiority of air fire power, over technologically inferior nations is one aspect of the oligarchical principal we see in action in Libya. Under Oligarchical rule, nations such as Libya, are reduced to mere satraps and ordinary people are treated as mere cattle. This is the Oligarchical principal at play by the hand of the British financial empire. Since WWII this principal has been applied over and over again around the world. The British financial system is hopelessly bankrupt. But to survive the oligarchy must destroy the United States resistance to it. It will begin by replacing the rule of law with the rule of “governance.” The principal of unitary authority as exercised by a dictatorship. If Obama is not thrown out of office very soon, the dictatorship that is now in the wings, will take over the rule of law. If we don’t stop it, we will be destroyed by the rule of the lawless.

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