Khamis Gaddafi: Colonel is ALIVE

{Editor’s note: CounterPsyOps couldn’t verify this information}

According to Libyan media, Khamis has sent them a video material where he said: “Colonel Gaddafis is alive and well and he’s in Libya where he continued his fight against occupiers and traitors of their people. ”

Video material is not available on the internet, it’s been kept secret due to safety of Gaddafi and his family!

“He sent this video material in several copies, and we will show this video when the time comes!” said Al Libya TV officials!

Meanwhile in Libya, Rebels in the newly liberated Libya have arrested around 70 doctors and nurses in Zawiya, who they believe had ties or allegiances with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime!

In Tripoli, in the same long-suffering region of Abu Salim, again thundering explosions heard fierce gunfire and bloodshed. Resistance fighters continue to recruit and valiantly resist the horde of bandits.
About a dozen ambulances arrived on the battlefield,
and a few dozen rebels were destroyed by the patriots of Libya.

Source: Newjestic

2 comments on “Khamis Gaddafi: Colonel is ALIVE

  1. But the hurt was right! When you now known truth what is with the Antrax, Fuel bomb, Sirte looted bank, Bani walid, Frontline so good is it able, wich sites now you think you trust, picture? After algier isp was attacked now is next. What is now right? And i never trust sites that use USA/EU server when they again imperalism. Next point that Ali Majid Al Andalus was murdered as Gaddafi doubles and he done well an real hero an hero that protected the King of Kings (the will of people) with own life! So he was real Berberlion and i hope he was not the last that was stolen for the “circus of rome empire” Blood and Entertainment.

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