The “death” of Muammar Qaddafi – and not only his

By Sergey Kamenskiy

We still don’t know whether Muammar Qaddafi is dead or not, but considering the falsehood of the West and the Western media it likely may turn out to be just another disinformation operation. So let’s stop blabbering for the time being, ok?

And actually saying “thedeath of Qaddafi” is not true and is unjust. Death is when a person diesnaturally — whether in pain or in peace. In this case the entire world saw the painful death of a man caused by gun wounds and mutilations — because the person shown in the videos died in the heat of the battle, trying to escape from enemy encirclement.

We all saw in hazy videos how he was brutalized and killed by the ‘rats’, who were Libyan people and who may be considered as inhuman ‘aliens’. This was not death, this was slaughter.

But the slaughterers were powerfully helped and provided with all conditions for the slaughter by the Global Crusaders of the XXI-st Century. They all together and individually surely will be cursed, condemned and judged for their crimes by the Court of History — under the condition, of course, that Humanity manages to stand firm in the ongoing Big Battle and will survive.

But lost in the background of this still alleged slaughter were other deaths of significance:

  • It may be clear by now that the International Law, which somehow survived after World War II, has died. From now on any peaceful agreements with the World Dictatorship will be futile. The only way out in this unannounced war is getting together and uniting all available resources for counter actions and Global Survival.
  • The conscience of Barack Obama has recently irrevocably died; I have written enough psychological portraits of him so I know what I’m talking about. He held on as long as he could, but finally decided not to follow the way of late President Kennedy. He chose to live as a dictator, albeit on his knees. I don’t mention those who are devoid of conscience — their names are engraved on the World Board of Shame.
  • There is no sense in discussing the tens of thousands ordinary citizens of Libya who died because of bombs and rockets — it will also have to wait till the Court of History…

So, the battle-carved formulae of Ernest Hamingway is not valid any more: the bell continues to toll frantically — but it tolls for all of us, inhabitants of the Earth.

Only Hope cannot die; it lives in practically all the people. So it will help us to hold on. And the Logic of History is at last on our side.

The problem becomes more acute every day — considering horrible events in the world. And the war of World Dictatorship against Humanity is coming into final stage — without alternative of peace.

Plus a bit of Applied Philosophy: Within the context of the Global Survival Problem there are these basic, initial, dialectically paired notions:

  • World Dictatorship versus Humanity;
  • Capital versus Labor;
  • Humans versus Aliens;
  • Love versus Hate;
  • Truth versus Lie;
  • Life versus Death.

All possible operational notions are derivatives on definition. Hence, an efficient analysis of any large-scale, socially relevant problems, beginning from up-to-date consequences, is hardly possible. One should start from those above. Then one is sure to differentiate friends from foes. And determine, for everybody and oneself, the right Way.

Source: Mathaba

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